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Why I Went Trad

There is a in-depth piece in the works, but I wanted to give a glimpse into how and why I went trad now. I was graduating from college, about to enter corporate America, and I didn’t know how to dress for it (or at least that’s what I thought). While searching for my white-collar uniform I was drawn to the blue OCBD, khaki chino, and penny loafer look.

It seemed like the perfect uniform. It struck me as having the perfect balance. It was utilitarian and intellectual at the same time. It was staid but not austere. It was worn by the left, right, and center. It felt like the perfect disguise for a working class kid that did not feel like he belonged. In this uniform I thought that they would think that I was one of them. They wouldn’t know if I thought like this or like that.

If you are not sure who the above are you can read about them Julian Bond here and William F. Buckley and the Buckleys here.