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Adventures in Thrifting: Small Town USA



We all have our favorite spots and frequent haunts when it comes to thrifting and I am no exception. A few stores in my rotation are too far to get to very often, but are close enough that I can get to 4-5 in one day. With my girlfriend out of town and no pending tasks I decided to hit the road. My favorite part of thrifting is the journey which I wanted to showcase in the form of pictures for this post. The highlights of this trip are country roads, old homes and remnants of yesteryear that can all be found in Small Town, USA. When it was all said and done I walked away with two ties and a surcingle belt, but I still had a great day.

Add Snow For A Scenic Trip

Snowy Roads

A Few Country Homes Along the Way

Country House 1

Country House 2Country House 3

Sidney, OH

The Spot Restaurant

The Spot FoodPeoples Saving and Federal Loans

About the bank

Sidney House 1

Sidney House 2

Sidney Castle

Big Four Bridge

Piqua, OH

Piqua Milling Co.


Piqua House 2

Piqua House 1Troy, OH

Troy Hayner Cultural Center

Troy Old Home 1

Downtown Buildings

Time To Head Home

Country Home

Heading Home

More Trad Homes


Well, I had a post started and almost finished, but it was too beautiful to stay inside and take pictures. I decided that this would be a great opportunity to take more pictures of homes. So, I headed out to walk around one of the most traditional neighborhoods in Springfield, OH. What makes this one of the most traditional neighborhoods in town? Well, it is safe, quiet, and full of families. There is no new construction and trees abound. The streets are lined with boulevards and the country club is close enough for the kids to ride their bikes there to go swimming in the summer. While it has an assortment of large homes of which you can see a few of below it also has many more modest homes. It is out of my price range as of now, but hopefully not forever.

Ridgewood Home

Ridgewood HomeRidgewood Home

Ridgewood Home

Ridgewood home

Ridgewood Home

Ridgewood Home

Ridgewood Home

Ridgewood Home

Ridgewood Home

Ridgewood Home

Ridgewood Home

Ridgewood Home

Ridgewood Home

Ridgewood Home

Ridgewood Home

Ridgewood HomeMaybe it’s just right for me?

Carriage Houses

Carriage House Apt

When I first moved into my new apartment I was simply amazed by the homes around me. First, I was in awe of their impressive size. Next, it was the detailing in the stone or brickwork that I was most interested in. Lately, I have been obsessed with their garages. However, these garages were not made for cars, but rather horse and carriage. Like many of the homes in my neighborhood some of them are well maintained and other have seen better days. They no longer contain carriages, but are now apartments, garages, or administrative buildings. No matter what they are I appreciate that they are still here. I hope that you enjoy the pictures!


First Carriage HouseA vacant, but cool carriage house.

Carriage House AptA splendid looking apartment building.

Second Carrige HouseOne of my favorites. It used to have offices in it at one point. I am not sure if it still does.

Third Carriage House

Carriage House in the WoodsCurrently an apartment hidden in the woods behind a large home that is now an apartment building.

Fourth Carriage HouseA beautiful carriage house awaiting restoration.Fifth Carraige Houses

Sixth Carriage HousesThe carriage house of a mansion turned funeral home.

Carriage house new

The front of the Carriage house.

Carriage House DetailsMore detailing than most of the carriage houses.

Eigth Carriage HouseOne that is still a garage today.