Back looking like Me

Fresh off of a blogger’s vacay I thought that pics were more important than words. I have gone through some life transitions in 2018 and one of the current results is that I am not wearing ties or sport coats at work. On the flipside I have moved to a larger city where I am learning that I can wear almost anything and not stick out. Anything here includes sport coats (cue me at the museum of art ). So while I may not wear ties and such to work at the moment. I see opportunity. To be continued. IMG_5998IMG_6808IMG_7636IMG_4750IMG_6775IMG_7222IMG_4335IMG_5872

oxford cloth button down
Jerrod Swanton is a simple man interested in simple, classic, and traditional style.

11 Comments on "Back looking like Me"

  1. Jon V DiBenedetto says:

    Great assortment of looks!

  2. Tucker says:

    Looking good, Jerrod.

  3. Lennart Hed says:

    Looks good, looking very much like my work outfits. BCBG 🙂

  4. Cuff Shooter says:

    Re: getting swallowed up in the crowd in large cities, and the sartorial flexibility that offers, I have also noticed this. I currently live in a city where almost all the men wear charcoal suits, white shirts, and navy ties–or some variation on this high-contrast, low-eccentricity theme–to compliment their pale skin and dark hair. I do not have the same complexion as most of my neighbors, so I was worried about sticking out in my more colorful, yet conservative dress. It was actually much less of a problem than I had imagined. Few notice and few care. And there’s always someone dressed even more oddly than oneself to distract the attention of others.

  5. RoarLionRoar says:

    I think you should just go for it and wear a tie! If your work is that informal then they probably wouldn’t care if you did wear a tie. Of course only you know. Hope you’re enjoying the new city!

  6. DPG says:

    Welcome back, Jerrod.

  7. Grey Flannels says:

    You may find this interesting, and may even want to share it:

  8. Cuff SHooter says:

    D’oh! That should be “complement”, not “compliment”.

  9. Beverly Carlton says:

    I’m a physician who doesn’t answer to any boss directly or need to worry about promotion, and I still feel pressured to dress down by colleagues who give me a hard time for “making the rest of us look like slobs”.

  10. JM says:

    Beverly Carlton,
    They ARE slobs.

  11. Fred Johnson says:

    The down vest over the sport coat look is one I can’t subscribe to.

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