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Sid Mocs

Sid Mashburn

I have written about my adoration of camp mocs on more than one occasion. I currently own 2 pair, but I still have a gap to fill. While making my rounds on the web last week there was a pair from Sid Mashburn that caught my eye.

First let’s cover why I love camp mocs. You can wear them year-round while their cousins the boat shoe are generally relegated to warmer months (Not that I always adhere to this. See Boat shoes with socks). They are also a little more rugged than their cousin. I would call boat shoes the blue blazer with gold buttons with a little more prep connotation while camp mocs are the slightly more trad tweed jacket. Also, they look cool. Real cool.
Sid Mashburn Camp MocWhy do I need another pair? As I said, I have 2 pair. One pair are Sperry gold cup 1-eye boat shoes. The other are L.L. Bean Signature camp mocs. The Sperry’s are great without socks, but a little too tight with socks while the Bean mocs run big one me and I can only wear them with heavy duty wool socks. You see where I am going. I something in between. Here is where the Sid mocs enter the scene.
Sid MocsSince I don’t have any experience with this shoe I will let Sid tell it,

Somewhere between Native Americana and New England… and handsewn in Portugal? Go figure. A higher vamp and a slimmer shape make these a little more polished than your average camp moc. They’ve still got the traditional leather lacing and rubber sole. The harder you wear them, the better they get. (Especially sans socks.)

Overall I think the Sid mocs ($150 – see here) look like contenders. Like the shape. I like color. What I also like about them is that the price is high enough that I will expect decent quality, but does not venture into Rancourt or Quoddy territory. Not that I don’t eventually want to head that way.

Fall = Flannel


Since the weather has turned cooler I have consistently reached for a flannel shirt during the weekend. I have specifically reached for my Lands’ End Black Watch shirt, but any flannel will do when because when it’s cold and wet outside these soft warm shirts are where it’s at.
Black Watch Flannel Shirt
I already know the first question that you are going to ask. Why didn’t I buy the L.L. Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel shirt? It’s the trad classic. It’s Inexpensive ($49.95), available, and there are lots of great Tartan options. Good question and great points! It all comes down to fit and L.L. Bean does not fit me well. I find it to run large. If they fit you I am envious. They are a good deal.
Lands End Buchanan TartanI was excited to find an alternative for those of us that can’t make Bean’s fit work. Lands’ End has been doing a great job of bringing the Tartans this year (see my Sail Rigger post) and it is appreciated! I purchased the Black Watch a few weeks back and have worn it every week since.

I like it so much that I am thinking of grabbing another. Usually I would go Dress Campbell, but it looks a bit off to me. Luckily the Dress Stewart is close to perfect and the Bucahanan Tartan is speaking to my inner outdoors man.
Dress Stewart Flannel Shirt
If you don’t have a Tartan flannel shirt this might be the time. If Bean fits you there are options over that way (See here)and if not LE might have you covered (See here). Either way they are a nice way to add a little color in the mix while staying completely comfortable.