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The Beard is Back

The beard is back. In a Seinfeldian attempt to take a vacation from myself I have grown my beard out over the past few weeks. At the same time the air conditioning in my office decided to go on vacation. The has resulted in me wearing a lot of casual clothes to work in order to beat the heat.

Here is what I have learned over the past few weeks.The longer your hair or beard is the harder it is to look trad, ivy, or preppy in a casual setting, I don’t have much casual wear, polo shirts aren’t all bad, and madras shirts can be much cooler than t-shirts. I hope that the AC returns soon so that I can wear a tie again!

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The Rugby Rush

Rarely do the words trad and on-trend get mentioned in the same sentence, but lately I have been feeling ahead of the style curve. There has recently been an uptick in rugby releases from everyone from Ralph Lauren to the up-and-coming Rowing Blazers. As you may know I love a good rugby and I am happy to see them return.

I won’t harp on the virtues of rubgy shirts for too long. They seem to be an item that people like or hate. There are always a lot of questions about them being for kids, or too casual, or too something. I find them super easy to wear casually from throwing it on for a walk, wearing it to the gym like a sweatshirt, or even layering it over an OCBD. Simple, easy, and kinda cool.

Below are some of the rubgy shirts that are currently available. I love the rugby from Rowing Blazers, but the price is a little steep. Despite having them listed last I recommend Barbarian and Columbia Knit. I am a big fan of Barbarian and have several of their shirts. I also think that Columbia knit has a great selection of hoop stripes (20 in all), a great price, and a solid product.

If you do end up copping a rugby be prepared for both Blue’s Clues and Gilligan’s Island references. It will be annoying and it will happen, but don’t let that stop you!


Polo Ralph Lauren $125

men's unisex 1984 rugby shirt in colorblock - men's short sleeve tees

J.Crew $59.50

Rowing Blazers $185

Barbarian $80

Columbia knit RugbyColumbia Knit $68.75

New Tretorns Plus…

Tretorn Nylite Plus

I just scored a new pair of Tretorn Nylites. I went with the Nylite Plus’s as they have more padding…and were all I could really find. I also thought that I remembered reading that these were truer to the original than the previous model which you know that a trad loves to hear.
Tretorn NyliteYou might be wondering what happened to my old Nylites. Well let me tell you that not all things survive being washed on hot (aka they shrank), but I do still have them. Below you can see them (old-bottom) compared to the new pair (new-top). The new pair has a lot more padding (meaning some) around the ankle and even more support in the footbed than the old model. For someone like me who needs support in a sneaker this is great. The sole of this shoe does look a little larger (width) and it is by about 1/16 of an inch which I don’t love, but will probably quickly forget. I do think that the larger and more elongated logo on the old navy pair looks better. The old pair is also floppier, but we will see how the new model breaks in.

Tretorn preppySo truer to the original and more comfortable??? I am sold! Truth be told I have only worn them once, but they were comfortable straight out of the box. I have actually never had a pair of truly comfortable minimalist canvas sneakers so lets just say that I am thrilled. I imagine that they will get a lot of use this summer. Before I go I did find where I read about the Nylite Plus’s being truer to the originals. It was over at Sid Mashburn. I have included that below,

It’s the old-school Nylite we know and love — the ultimate icon of Swedish athletica — but better. And by “better,” we really mean “truer to the original.” Tretorn brought back the padding on the sides and footbed for a more comfortable tennis shoe… think more sneaker, less slipper. And the inside is designed specifically with a more sweat-resistant, light-pile, eco-friendly French terry, which is great to wear (you know it) sockless.

Summer Ties

I have a few ties that I really enjoy wearing in the summer. It is not that they are made from seasonal material such as Madras, Seersucker, or Shantung, but their color calls for warm weather. They also all work well with a navy blazer and especially well with my not quite navy blue wash-n-wear jacket turned blazer.

Summer Stripe tiesAbove are the ties that I love to wear when the sun is out and the weather is warm. They are nice and colorful with stripes that pop. There is also a lot of green which is no surprise as I have a thing for green (Going Green: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). From left to right we have a vintage Robert Talbott, a current Arnold Steiner (see here), a vintage Gant, and a few year old Lands’ End tie to round it out. I was happy to see that at least 1 item I posted about is actually still available.
IMG_1719Here are a few take aways from this post. One, trying sporting a brighter repp tie this summer. I find that it keeps my look aligned with the season adding an element of fun to the often somber or at least predictable navy blazer combos without resorting to whimsical club ties (nothing wrong with them). The last take away is that this post reminded how much use I like having a blue jacket that is not navy. May be worth considering.

Below are more pics of my summer ties because what is a post without pics!
Summer Tie 1 Summer Tie 2Summer Tie 3Summer Tie 4