Lands’ End: The Original OCBD & The Hyde Park OCBD

Hyde Park OCBDs

*Updated 1/11/16 – I can no longer recommend this shirt as Lands’ End has reduced the size of its collar significantly (under 3″).

As you may have guessed from the title of my blog and the references that I have made to my “uniform” I am a huge fan of must-iron 100% cotton oxford cloth button-down (OCBD) shirts. What I like most about them is the level of comfort that they provide, which in my opinion is t-shirt level comfort and their ability to transcend time and setting, as you will seldom feel over or underdressed when wearing one – whether it be 50 years ago or 50 years from now. While I like to experiment with all sorts of ocbd’s from different brands, Lands’ End’s Original Oxford Dress Shirt used to be my go-to shirt. Sadly this is no longer true.

Hyde Park OCBDs

Lands’ End’s Original oxford cloth button-down shirt was my favorite as it was reasonably priced at $29.99 and was always available. However, that has changed over the course of the past year due to a few changes that they have made. The first change was that they discontinued my favorite color of blue. I prefer the standard blue to the light blue (which is actually more bright than light) as do most people who are interested in traditional clothing. Lands’ End reasons for discontinuing the standard blue are unbeknownst to me. Now here is where I might be off-base. It now appears that they have renamed the light blue, “blue.” It is hard for me to understand this decision as it is very confusing to long-time customers as well as upsetting for those of us who who only care for the standard blue. If I am wrong and the regular blue has returned, I sincerely apologize and would love to be contacted about this.

*As I am writing this post, I did a quick check on Lands’ End website and do not even see this shirt anymore. They are currently only available in the non-iron variety or must-iron, but with sizing that is limited to  small, medium, and large. What is going on over there!

Lands'-End-OCBDsThe picture above features the variation of LE’s blue oxfords starting with LE’s Original Oxford light blue (now blue), LE’s Original Oxford blue (discontinued), and finally the Hyde Park blue (formerly lake blue).

Now that my standard shirt has disappeared I have ventured out and purchased a few of Lands’ End’s high-end ocbd, the Hyde Park. I was weary of making this purchase do to the fact that it’s blue color had recently undergone a name change as well. What was once called lake blue is now simply called blue. This name change along with some image tweaking on the website made the blue appear to be much brighter than the lake blue used to appear. This prevented me from making my purchase sooner. However, after visiting a few style forums it was confirmed that the “new” blue was simply the lake blue renamed. I still don’t understand the reason behind renaming colors without providing a note on the website. Alright, enough complaining for now and on to the review.

I purchased two blue and one pink Hyde Park ocbd ( you get a discount when you purchase 3). I am very satisfied my purchases. The Hyde Park retails for $50 which is moderately priced when compared to Brooks Brothers or J.Press (with whom I believe it would like to compete). When I first tried these shirts on I immediately noticed that the collar roll on these shirts is excellent. I have even been asked if they are Brooks Brothers shirts which to me is the highest compliment a ocbd can get, next to being asked if it is a Mercer ocbd.

Hyde-Park-Pink-OCBDHyde Park Pink

The next  feature that I noticed was the weight of the fabric. The Hyde Park is substantially heavier than the LE Original Oxford. It is close to but not quite as heavy as my J.Press or Brooks Brothers ocbd. On a side note, unlike many others, I like the weight of the LE Original Oxford shirt. They are great for hot weather. The only downside to the weight of the Hyde Park ocbd when compared to Original Oxford is that the collar is a little more stiff. The Original Oxford has a collar which appears to be almost unlined.

The colors of the Hyde Park shirts are almost perfect. The blue is spot-on and is even better than the old blue of the Original Oxford. I was pleased with the color of the pink as it is much lighter and less”hot” than that of Brooks Brothers.


I have included three more pictures to illustrates the difference in the blues (See Below).

Hyde Park-Blue-OCBDHyde Park Blue (Formerly Lake Blue)

LE Original Oxford Ligth BlueLE Original Oxford Light Blue (Now Blue)

LE Original Oxford BlueLE Original Oxford Blue (Discontinued)

I may have erred in sizing when ordering the Hyde Park shirts, but this is my own fault. My LE Original Oxford’s have seen some shrinkage due to me accidentally leaving them in my outgoing laundry. Now they cannot comfortably accommodate a tie. I purchased a size up, from a 14.5 to a 15 in the neck which may have not been the best decision. I always launder my shirts in cold water and air-dry, but because I sized-up they may need 1 hot wash and dry to shrink them up a bit.

Overall, I am very pleased with my purchases. I have added three ocbds to my wardrobe. Now, I can remove the older shirts that either can no longer accommodate a tie or have accumulated too much pilling for a business setting. The shirts that I removed from my work selection will get plenty of action in casual settings before being demoted any further down the line.

I would however, like to reinforce my dissatisfaction with LE’s decision to rename or simply remove the standard blue color completely. If they have completely removed the must-iron Original Oxford from their offering, it leaves me truly wondering about the competence of LE. All of these decisions together signal to me that LE is re-evaluating their position in the market and are moving away from catering to their long-time customers and core-audience which I find disheartening. I will continue to monitor and report on LE as they are my favorite low-to-mid-end supplier of traditional clothing, I am hoping for better decisions in the future.

oxford cloth button down
Jerrod Swanton is a simple man interested in simple, classic, and traditional style.

37 Comments on "Lands’ End: The Original OCBD & The Hyde Park OCBD"

  1. Cory says:

    You seem pretty trim, so I imagine you’re wearing the tailored fit. How does it compare to the Brooks Extra Slim and Slim fits, or can you speak to that?

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      Thanks for the reply. Actually, I have never tried either the tailored fit or even Brooks Brothers slim fit. In the past I have bad experiences with”slim” fit shirts. This is primarily because I have slightly broad shoulders and they always seem to pull in this area. However, I have never found “traditional” shirts to be too large for me. I think the biggest challenge for people is identifying the appropriate size shirt. I hope this helps!

      • Cory says:

        Wow – you’re kidding! When I try a traditional-fit shirt, I end up looking, well, overweight, even if it is the correct size. How do you manage?

        • oxford cloth button down says:


          I don’t know it might just be my body type, but they seem to work for me. However, I have heard many say the same thing about traditional-fit shirts as you and thought that they looked good in them. All I can say is wear what works for you.

          Thanks for the comments, too.

  2. Jen says:

    Cool article. It is weird that LE changed the name of their blue shirts.

  3. Lands' End says:

    It’s great to hear that you have enjoyed our Supima Hyde Park Oxford. This is one of our founding Lands’ End Dress Shirts that we brought back recently due to popular request by our Oxford-loving gentlemen. We hear often from customers that they love the heft, the “big bead”, and the Supima softness of the Hyde Park.

    We did discontinue our Original Oxford as more customers had moved to our No Iron Original Oxford that we recently improved with Supima Cotton Yarns. We will definitely bring this style back if we hear from enough customers. We talk to our customers every day–in stores, online, and over the phone–and if they tell us that we are missing something in the line we are not afraid to admit we were wrong and bring it back.

    As for the blues–we always change a color name if a color changes even slightly (doing otherwise would confuse us and our customers). We have to confess that we are on a never-ending life-long quest to find the perfect blue shirt. We obsess over the yarn size, the picks and ends, and the dye-stuffs to find the one that is just right. Until we find that perfect blue you will probably see more variations of the blue shirt.

    Thanks again for the review and keep up the great work on the Blog.

    • jrobie says:

      I understand what it’s like to have to toe the company line, but these are no more improvements than the new Squarerigger bags are improvements over the indestructible originals. It’s really sad. I wish Sears would quit screwing around with your products. If you make a quality menswear product, men will keep buying it indefinitely. If Lands End has discontinued my go-to shirt, and replaced it with inferior, higher-priced alternatives, why should I continue to shop there?

    • Austin says:

      Glad to hear they would consider bringing it back. I wrote LE an email earlier this week. Wearing one of my LE Original Oxfords now!

  4. Leer R. says:

    Nice entry about Land’s End – I really begin to like Land’s End more and more, as the given quality really is pleasing, especially when bought at a sale – I’m wearing a Land’s End flannel shirt today which had a great price (and which has a very good collar roll) at winter’s sale. What really bothers me is that the “Hyde Park” isn’t available in Europe ( I am living in Austria – we are supplied by Land’s End Germany I guess, and there is no “Hyde Park” shirt available) – especially the “pink” and the “Hyde Park Blue” caught my interest… I also love the Madras shirt designs – and their chambray shirts (I know, chambray is quite fashionable at the moment, but always looks great combined with a Shetland). Cheers, Dominik

  5. Hilton says:

    What are your thoughts regarding the grayish tone in the blue Brooks Brothers OCBD? (# E482):

    I may acquire the Hyde Park in blue for comparison. Keep up the good work!


  6. oxford cloth button down says:

    @ Lands’ End – I just wanted to thank LE for taking the time to respond to my blog post. While I was critical of some of their changes I truly appreciated the detailed response. One thing that they do very well is customer service, which is demonstrated in both their above and beyond return policy and in this level of response to criticism (Although, I loved my new Hyde Park shirts!).

    @Leer – Thanks for posting your thoughts. That is unfortunate about the Hyde Park, it is one of the best OCBDs that I have tried. You are right about their madras, too. The current collection has some great colors.

    @Hilton – I am a big fan of BB. I might have to see that color in person as my only BB oxford is pretty old. However, from the picture it appears to be really close to the Hyde Park. Hopefully, I can do a comparison post in the near future. Thanks for your comment!

  7. Fxh says:

    Great blog. I too now rely on the Hyde Park, principally as I do not like non- iron shirts at all and the Hyde Park was the only one offering a normal shirt in a slimmer fit the tailored fit. I too was a bit disappointed that the blue seems to have much more white in it and a lighter blue. I have now got used to it and I find my white one great.

    A few things:: I would like to see the collars with a bit softer collar and slightly longer collar to get a better roll.

    Two buttons on cuff to cater for slimmer wrists.

    More striped options. I purchased about 5 or 6 of the casual shirts in washed Oxford I think it was called . They didn’t have a tailored fit and only general sizes. The collar points were a bit short and didn’t roll that well. However the collar is exacly how soft it should be to roll and the choice of colours and stripes is spot on. And all for $14aud. Great. If the colours and stripes combination from that range were available in the Hyde Park , it would be near perfect. The stripes were a range of blue and white and red guarded stripes in blue, yellow, white backgrounds. Not close together like university stripes.

  8. jrobie says:

    Thanks for this great post. I found it while trying to figure out what happened to my favorite shirt. It’s really a shame what’s happened to Land’s End since the Sears buy-out. I guess I’m off to Brooks Brothers 🙁

  9. Hilton says:

    I’ve not as keen on the BB blue of late. A lady friend commented that the shade is similar to that in denim jeans. I will give the blue Hyde Park a try, especially since it is on sale:

  10. Earl Reed says:

    I agree with bringing back the “must iron” shirt. I’ve been buying Brooks Brothers shirts, since they seem to be the only ones I can find that look this good after the laundry and light starch. I’ve also had good luck with Gittman Brothers, which I can get here locally in Louisville at Rodes.

    Please bring it back!!

    Earl Reed

  11. Andrew says:

    I recently ordered a 15.5 x 36 tall tailored fit in the hyde park and expected it to shrink down just a bit so it would fit my figure (supposed to be 15×35.5). But the shirt was just massive, not only in the sleeves and neck, but also the length (im 6’1). What would you recommend the size I should order?

  12. oxford cloth button down says:

    Andrew – I have been experimenting with the sizing as well. It can be tricky with any shirt. I have ordered one in my exact size which leaves no room for shrinking. I have washed this shirt in cold and let it air dry. So far, so good.

    I have also, ordered a tailored fit in a a half size up. I washed and dried this shirt on hot settings. It shrank a good amount, but it is a little large. However, it is pink and because of that it has not received as much wash and wear. Perhaps it will shrink a touch more and be perfect for wearing with jacket and tie.

    I don’t know if any of this is helpful to you. What I have learned (and it is not cost effective), is that I may need to buy shirts in my exact size and a few a half size up in case the others shrink a hair too much. Overall, I have preferred the shirts in my exact size washed on cold and air dried.

    Sorry for the confusing response,

  13. richard weiss says:

    i usually wear the brooks brothers 0cbd shirt but tried the landsend version…the collar is fine for wearing without a tie but is way too short for a mature man to wear with a tie…its close to 3/4 of an inch shorter than it shoud be.

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      Richard – I have heard that about the current models and that is disappointing. The ones I have measure about 3 inches which I find sufficient for a grown up 🙂

  14. Frank Hartge says:

    Completely agree with the concerns expressed about Lands End OCBDs. I’ve been wearing them for 30+ years, and have seen a steady decrease in features. Most recently, I am disappointed by the greatly reduced selection of colors and patterns. And I would really like to see them bring back the “need to iron” basic OCBD.

  15. Old Trad says:

    I hadn’t ordered an OCBD from Lands’ End for years, but the collar points on the old ones I still have measure 3 1/4″. The new ones that arrived yesterday measure 2 3/4″ and have been returned immediately. They look absurd with a necktie.

  16. oxford cloth button down says:

    Old Trad – I am really sorry to hear that. The LE HPs that I have measure 3 1/4″ as well. I guess they leave me no choice, but to spend my money over at Brooks Brothers. It’s a pity as it was a good shirt.

  17. Jeremy says:

    This is just to inform you that Lands End is now offering pure cotton yellow, blue, and white oxfords. However, they are a “tailored fit”. I thought that you’d like to know.

  18. oxford cloth button down says:

    Jeremy – Thanks, I appreciate you letting me know. I will certainly be checking them out.

  19. Tom says:

    I’ve been wearing the Lands’ End Hyde Park Oxford for many years (at least 20 I suppose). The shirt has changed subtly in this time.

    I wear each shirt about 1x/week. They seem to last me about 2-3 years before the collars start pilling enough to replace them . In my parents’ day, they’d remove and turn the collar at that point.

    My last 2 orders were in February 2011 (3 shirts, Item #00044-6A88, at $34.50 each) and in November 2012 (3 shirts, Item #00044­6AF7, at $49 each before promotional savings). The 2011 shirts were in “Lake Blue”. The 2012 shirts are in “Blue”. “Lake Blue” apparently is no longer available.
    I immediately noticed the difference when I opened the latest box. The “Lake Blue”, which I much prefer, is slightly darker. “Blue” looks washed-out by comparison. The Hyde Park shirts also don’t seem to be quite as heavy as they were years ago. I’ve noticed comments to this effect by posters elsewhere. The latest shirts are made in Malaysia. The ones I bought in 2011 (and for many years prior to that I think) were made in China.

    If I could find a similar shirt with the heavier fabric in “Lake Blue”, I’d probably buy it even at a slightly higher price .

  20. Stephen says:

    I hate to rain on your parade, but your enthusiasm for the Hyde Park Oxford is misplaced. Lands End recently cheapened the cotton fabric, shortened the collar, and generally ruined their Original Hyde Park that I have been buying since the early 1990s. The current product is junk compared to the original.

  21. Johnny Bilheimer says:

    I join in everyone’s request that Land’s End bring back the Original Oxford. I just emailed them — but with little hope that it will do any good.

    Silver Spring, MD

  22. Peter says:

    I used the buy the LE Hyde Parks for tears & a few rLE reg. OCBDs. The specs of the sizing must have changed because they seem alot tighter to me. When I was heavier a 16.5, 34 always fit. Since losing weight the size 16 is way too tight. LL Bean OCBD fit better now.

  23. Andrew says:

    You are not a simple man, even if you are a modest one. I have read most of your posts, and you have great taste and intelligence. I would be a little more flexible about the rules, since part of prep is not to have too many rules, and a certain excess is also permitted. For example, one can wear a striped watch band and a striped belt at the same time. Saddle shoes can be very dressy and look great, especially if they are the Allen Edmonds version designed for suits and ties.
    But overall you are doing a great job, and should start a company to compete with Ralph Lauren. And you do not have to change your name as he did!

  24. fxh says:

    I think everyone has given up on LE for OCBD and collar point length /roll???????????

  25. JGH says:

    I received an LE gift card and with their recent 40% off plus free shipping promotion, I decided to give the new Hyde Park OCBDs a try. Out of the package, the material feels odd–thinner and kind of unnatural (maybe that is the supima?). The collar points are noticeably shorter and not trad looking at all. Until longer points are since again fashionable, I will not buy any more OCBDs from LE. Maybe its time to try Mercer or Brooks.

  26. Seàn says:

    20 years ago the LE Hyde Park Oxford was absolutely my favorite go to shirt. I would always make sure to have 2-3 in my closet. However recently over the past 5-7years the quality simply is not there. The fabric is much thinner and not as heartier as it used to be. So sad!

  27. Jay says:

    I am new to this site and like it a lot. Let me offer a couple of thoughts on OCBD shirts. I run a manufacturing company and dress trad but somewhat casual, i.e, blazer, tie and khakis, but not suits. My facility while heated isn’t air conditioned and it can be cold in winter and warm in the summer. For that reason I wear different weight OCBD shirts according to the season.

    In winter I like the Lands End Hyde Park for its heft or the J Press OCBD with the flap pocket to jam notes in during the day. (My wife has commented though that the flap pocket is a little too casual for her taste.) If I’ve gained weight I like the LL Bean traditional cut because there is more room in the middle. All three shirts will accommodate an undershirt, which I find to be a necessity in the Northeast in winter.

    In during the Spring and Fall, I’ll wear a Lands End non-iron pin point oxford with no undershirt. This shirt is lightweight and it will retain a crisp look even on a warm day well into the afternoon. On the warmest days of summer I might wear simply a golf shirt.

    Pricing. The above shirts from LE and Bean are roughly $50. The J Press shirt with the pocket flap is $110 which seems high to me compared with the Hyde Park. In my work environment, anything above those prices seems excessive.

  28. Beth says:

    As a shopper who purchased many wonderful products during Land’s End’s heyday, including the once beefy Hyde Park shirts, my purchase of the blue university stripe version last season was disappointing. The weave is loose, the fabric is no thicker than oxfords that can be purchased at discount stores, and the stiffener in the collar, placket, and cuffs seems incongruous given the floppy nature of the fabric. If I hadn’t purchased them on deep discount, I would have returned them. The casual Salt Rigger Shirts have a better weave, locker loop and rear collar button, and while they’re a bit stiff at first, they get better with wear. That being said, I’ve found Land’s End’s quality to be inconsistent, and had to return two indigo Salt Rigger shirts for stitching, and fabric matching problems. I’d love to love Land’s End again, but if shoppers new to the company, and who don’t remember the fabulous quality of days gone by are satisfied, then there may not be much impetus for the company to up their game. I posted this comment on the LE site, but I’m not certain anyone will listen.

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