Merry Christmas & A Last Minute Gift Guide


Due to distance, work, and other family obligations Christmas comes early at my house. This is nothing new to me and I have become well-adjusted to celebrating Holidays when possible and not on the actual date. The downside to this is that actual Christmas is not quite as special, but the upside is that I get to share some pics to get everyone in the Holiday spirit. Also, if you need a few last minute ideas for the trad/preppy/ivy man or woman in your life maybe this post will give you a few ideas.

First, I will start off with a few gifts for the classic lady. In my humble opinion you cannot go wrong with pearls whether it is earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet. There are pearls for every budget and you can spend as little or much as you want. I opted for a pair of freshwater pearl earrings for my girlfriend.

Pearl EarringsAccessories in general make great gifts. They can be affordable while offering you a wide choice of brands and products to choose from. I purchased three accessories this year; an iphone case, a headband, and a keychain. I looked at iphone cases from Lilly Pulitzer and Vera Bradley, but ended up with a Kate Spade. The main reason I chose Kate of over the others is that I had read multiple reviews online about the graphic chipping or peeling. I also really liked the fun design.

Kate Spade Iphone CaseA headband can be to a woman what a necktie is to a man. My girlfriend wears them on almost a daily basis. So, I thought that I would add a colorful and cute headband from Keil James Patrick to her collection. I chose the Babe Paley model for its Repp tie design and feminine color combo.

KJP Babe Paley HeadbandThe last trinket that I purchased was a keychain. While this gift is very small it has sentimental value and what would Christmas be without sentiment? This adorable Scottie dog from Vera Bradley was the perfect finishing touch for my girlfriend’s Christmas.

Vera Bradley Scotty Dog KeychainNot only did I get to give presents early, but I also received them! I advocated for accessories as gift ideas and I received a few really great ones. The first gift that I received was a J.Press emblematic fox tie from my very sweet girlfriend. If you haven’t read my post about my love for foxes (trad like a fox ) it is simple, I adore them. This was a fantastic gift as I would not have purchased this for tie for myself (I try to thrift my ties for budgetary reasons). It is the first new tie that I have ever had that is anywhere near this nice and although I rant and rave above J.Press I was very impressed that my girlfriend made a mental note of this. Needless to say this gift means a lot to me.

J.Press Fox emblematic tieThe J.Press tie was not the only tie that I received. My mom picked up a wonderful tartan tie at a Scottish Tartan museum in Georgia for me. It is a Forsyth tartan and is very much my style. I have heard men complain about getting too many ties, but believe me I when I say that you would never hear this from me.

Tartan TieMy final gift was mentioned in my fox post as well. I received a needlepoint credit card wallet from Smathers and Branson . I have only recently began to carry a credit card wallet which is a big step-up as until this I was a debit card and driver’s license in my front pocket guy. The needlepoint work on this wallet is fantastic and the quality of the leather is really nice. I can’t wait to take this little guy with me every where I go.

Smathers and Branson Credit Card WalletNeedless to say this has been a terrific Christmas. I truly loved all of the gifts that I received, but giving gifts is what made it so memorable. I wish all my readers a safe and special Holiday season. And let’s not forget about what makes Christmas so special  and that is children. So, I leave you with this image, merry Christmas!

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