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The Air Conditioning Returns


I thought that I would offer up some evidence that despite my past several posts I have not fully gone over to the dark side that is casual. Here are a few looks from the past week where I not only wore full-length pants, but I even sported the occasional tie. While I don’t have much to add to this post I do think that it underscores that I am (or at least no longer) an ideologue. Whether that is for better or worse is yet to be determined, but my money is on the latter.

Blazer without tieDog emblematic tie Wash n Wear Blazer

How to Polo

The Polo Shirt

Today I am going to talk about how to polo. Nope, not the sport, but the ubiquitous short-sleeved shirt. While the polo shirt has been cast as one of the bad actors in the crime that is business casual it does have some redeeming qualities. One is that it can help you stay cool in the heat and the other is that it at least is has a collar.

I have pulled together two of my recent polo based looks as examples. The first look is the tucked in chino with shorts. This is a great look if you are doing something outdoors, but still want to look kind of put together. This could be anything from a company picnic, to one of the many summer festivals, and anything in between. What to note. When it is hot I like to wear baggy shorts to stay cool. Baggier shorts also provide room to tuck in the polo. Surcingle belts are a nice touch to keep it all, excuse my french…preppy. Lastly, ditch the socks and wear boat shoes, camp mocs, loafers, or even a simple canvas sneaker.
Polo in Casual Setting My second variation is even more casual. Here I have went with the untuck and a pair of purple Patagonia Baggies. If you are curious what I was doing in this outfit I was going to the car wash, running a few errands, and as you can see ended the outing at the driving range. You know when you see people wearing gym shorts and t-shirts well this is my spin on that. I am sure that this far too casual for some of you, but for those that it is not give it a go. I actually get a ton of compliments when I wear this.
Polo in Super Casual Setting You may be asking, but Jerrod you did not tell us much about polos? That my friend is the awesome thing about polos. There is not much to know. What I will say is do not overthink it. In the past I have referred to polo shirts as t-shirts for adults. I think that this is a good outlook to have.  As far as colors go I recommend white, navy, and forest green. In terms of material I recommend cotton pique polos.

Another great thing about polo shirts is that you can find them anywhere and everywhere. In the pictures above I am wearing old Gap polo shirts, but you can currently find some good looking ones at O’Connell’s, Lands’ End, J.Crew, and probably a ton of places that I overlooked.

John Simons Madras Popovers

John Simons Madras Popover Bird

I have been wearing my recently purchased Madras popover more than I care to admit (see below). Let’s just say that I wear it a lot. It is everything that I want in a summer shirt and now I want more. My search for another led me across the pond to John Simons(John Simons).
IMG_3345John Simons has been known in the Ivy Style circles for quite a while. While opinions on the shop very greatly I have zero. I am just looking for a nice Madras popover and that is what I found. I liked the patterns on the two shirts below as well as the fact that they have a flap pocket on the chest. This truly comes in handy for me when I am say out cycling providing a place to secure some cash or a single key. More than anything what I like about this shirt is the placket length which is nice and short (a personal preference).

Before I go let me tell you why I like a short-sleeve Madras popover so much. Madras can be hard to wear. It is loud and even though us trad and Ivy Style guys get it the general public does not always see the beauty in Madras. Short-sleeves seem to cut down on its overwhelmingness drawing less attention. The popover part makes it less ubiquitous than the common button-front shirts and a little more cool.

For those of you on this side on of the pond they do ship to the US and the total cost comes in at just under $100. For more on John Simons check out this post on Ivy Style about his documentary (see here).


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The Beard is Back

IMG_2873 - Copy

The beard is back. In a Seinfeldian attempt to take a vacation from myself I have grown my beard out over the past few weeks. At the same time the air conditioning in my office decided to go on vacation. The has resulted in me wearing a lot of casual clothes to work in order to beat the heat.

Here is what I have learned over the past few weeks.The longer your hair or beard is the harder it is to look trad, ivy, or preppy in a casual setting, I don’t have much casual wear, polo shirts aren’t all bad, and madras shirts can be much cooler than t-shirts. I hope that the AC returns soon so that I can wear a tie again!

Day 1IMG_1642IMG_1776
IMG_2193IMG_2405IMG_2873IMG_3193 - CopyIMG_3057IMG_3345


New Tretorns Plus…

Tretorn Nylite Plus

I just scored a new pair of Tretorn Nylites. I went with the Nylite Plus’s as they have more padding…and were all I could really find. I also thought that I remembered reading that these were truer to the original than the previous model which you know that a trad loves to hear.
Tretorn NyliteYou might be wondering what happened to my old Nylites. Well let me tell you that not all things survive being washed on hot (aka they shrank), but I do still have them. Below you can see them (old-bottom) compared to the new pair (new-top). The new pair has a lot more padding (meaning some) around the ankle and even more support in the footbed than the old model. For someone like me who needs support in a sneaker this is great. The sole of this shoe does look a little larger (width) and it is by about 1/16 of an inch which I don’t love, but will probably quickly forget. I do think that the larger and more elongated logo on the old navy pair looks better. The old pair is also floppier, but we will see how the new model breaks in.

Tretorn preppySo truer to the original and more comfortable??? I am sold! Truth be told I have only worn them once, but they were comfortable straight out of the box. I have actually never had a pair of truly comfortable minimalist canvas sneakers so lets just say that I am thrilled. I imagine that they will get a lot of use this summer. Before I go I did find where I read about the Nylite Plus’s being truer to the originals. It was over at Sid Mashburn. I have included that below,

It’s the old-school Nylite we know and love — the ultimate icon of Swedish athletica — but better. And by “better,” we really mean “truer to the original.” Tretorn brought back the padding on the sides and footbed for a more comfortable tennis shoe… think more sneaker, less slipper. And the inside is designed specifically with a more sweat-resistant, light-pile, eco-friendly French terry, which is great to wear (you know it) sockless.