The Holiday Bow Tie

Holiday Bow Tie 12

As Christmas and New Years quickly approach they inevitably bring holiday parties with them. If you are anything like me you appreciate the occasion to dress up and have a little fun while doing so. This year I decided that I would take the leap and try the ultimate holiday party accessory; the bow tie.

I have never owned or wore a bow tie before. I have always liked them, but with limited chances to wear a long tie and with the unwanted attention that it may have brought on such occasions (I try not to stick out) I have never really considered a bow tie an option. However, a holiday party gives me the perfect excuse to wear one.

Bow tie in a Christmas treeI already knew what type of bow I wanted. I wanted it to be red plaid and wool. I had been looking around for the perfect bow tie for a few days (Lands End, R.Hanauer) when I came home to an email from Carolina Cotton Bow Ties. Ethan from Carolina Bows was just providing me with a little bit of information about his two person team (mother and son) that specialize in classic handmade cotton bow ties. As I was looking over the site I saw the perfect red and green plaid wool bow tie. After chatting with Ethan about the coincidence of our correspondence he said that he would be more than happy to provide me with my first bow tie. So, merry Christmas to me and a big thank you to the kind folks over at Carolina Cotton Bow Ties.

Bow tie Close-upNow that I had my bow tie all I had to do was to learn how to tie it. Ethan encouraged me to learn with a cotton or silk bow tie as the wool may be a bit more difficult for a newbie. Being the stubborn man that I am I used the wool tie to learn. Even with the instructional insert it still took me the better part of an hour to get the hang of it. The fact that it took me so long to get it down made me thankful that I did not wait until the evening of the party to give it a try.

Me in a Holiday Bow tie in font of mantleMe and my girlfirend.Me and my lovely girlfriend.

The night of the party I was still a little nervous about sporting a bow tie. I paired the bow tie with my Brooks Brothers navy sack blazer (to be reviewed soon) and J.Crew grey flannel trousers. After arriving at the party I did not feel a bit out of place. In fact, I received more compliments than I did funny looks. The bow tie was very comfortable and unlike a long tie I barely noticed that I was wearing it. Although I still don’t think that I will opt for a bow tie in most tie appropriate situations, I will began to add a few to my collection.

Our kitty Parker in a bow tieEven our kitty Parker got in on the bow tie action!

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5 Comments on "The Holiday Bow Tie"

  1. She is lovely indeed! (And the cat is looking quite dapper.)

  2. You look the consumate prep, good show:-)

  3. Hello, Thank you for your visit to my blog, and your comment there. I look forward to spending time reading yours, but wanted to comment that the bow-tie you are wearing in this post is very snappy! Thanks, Reggie

  4. oxford cloth button down says:

    @Muffy – I agree with you :)

    @Bookish – Thanks!

    @Reggie – Thanks Reggie. You have a great blog over there. I spent over an hour reading it last night.

  5. Woofboxer says:

    You two look great!

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