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After my last post on Brooks Brothers reintroduced Own Make line I thought that I would show a few of their other sack sport coat and suit offerings for comparison…from Japan. I had heard that Brooks Brothers Japan was stocking more USA made products than any of their stores here in America. So, I took a look at the Brooks Brothers Japanese website (Suits & Blazers) and while I cannot confirm that they carry more USA made products, I can confirm that they have a nice selection of OTR 3/2 sack sport coats, blazers and suits.

Madison Sack Blazer in Tropical WoolMadison Sack Blazer in Tropical Wool (my favorite piece)

The Japanese Brooks Brothers site is not as robust as the American site, but it what it lacks in variety it makes up for in quality. There are sack sport coats and suits in various fabrics, colors, and to top it all off there are both Cambridge and Madison fits available.

The response to the Own Make line was mixed primarily due to sizing. The jackets offered in Japan seem to be more, well sack-like. Again, I think that the size of the jacket worn by the models plays a large role, but after reading Christian’s review of Own Make over at Ivy Style I am not so sure about that.

Khaki Poplin Sack JacketKhaki Poplin Sport Coat

It appears that the Japanese prefer the classic American look more than Americans themselves. I would love to see the US Brooks Brothers stores offer more sack sport coats and suits in the Madison fit. I think that this would help to satisfy those of us that just want the old Brooks Brothers back. Even better they could just re-release the No.1 sack suit, but I fear that the pattern has been lost based on their reluctance to present it.

And the rest of the sacks from Japan

Madison Sack Suit in Tropical Wool Charcoal Grey

 Madison Sack Suit in Charcoal Grey Tropical Wool

Madison Sack Suit in Tropical WoolMadison Sack Suit in Navy Tropical Wool

Madison Sack SuitAnother Madison Sack Suit

Navy Poplin Sack JacketNavy Poplin

Stone Poplin Sack JacketStone Poplin

 Wool Linen Cambridge Sack in Light Oxford

Wool Linen Cambridge Sack in OxfordWool Linen Cambridge Sack in OxfordWool Linen Cambridge Sack in Oxford

Cambride Hopsack JacketWool Linen Cambridge Sack in Oxford

oxford cloth button down
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3 Comments on "Brooks Brothers Japan"

  1. sam says:

    I’m really enjoyed to see your blog in Japan, also I’m a Japanese who has an interest in American Classic style of clothes as you are like it.
    I often visit a store of Brooks Brothers in Japan, however, they have not carried USA products anymore, most of products are China made which they have carried now.

  2. Eric says:

    Heading to Tokyo soon. might have to stop in a BB and check it out. Hong Kong had similar styles last time I was there. Kamakura and Tailor Caid might be stops as well.

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