Ivy League Humor: Neckwear

There is no question that traditional American Ivy League style is conservative, but that doesn’t mean that the purveyors of this style had or have no sense of humor. While their sense of humor is not often reflected in their clothing it can be seen occasionally in items such as corduroys emblazoned with critters, motif belts, and most of all emblematic ties.
Chipp Turkey Tie                                                                 Chipp Thanksgiving Turkey Tie

There is no maker of emblematic ties as famous for their sense of humor as Chipp Tailors. Chipp made much more than ties and competed with Brooks Brothers, J.Press and other makers of Ivy League clothing in their heyday. However, Chipp was always known for adding a unique twist whether it be a unique jacket lining or patch madras cloth (which they are credited for creating ), but their humorous ties have had the most lasting impact.
Alpha Male TieAlpha Male Close up                                                                           Chipp’s Alpha Male Tie
Srew Ewe Tie by Chipp
Srew Ewe Tie Close up                                                                      Chipp’s Screw Ewe Tie

FU Chipp Tie                                                                  Chipp’s not as subtle “Screw You” Tie

Chipp Cryptic Tie                                           A Chipp tie with a Cryptic Meaning (Decoded at Ivy Style)
Chipp is not the only company to create emblematic ties that incorporated tongue-in-cheek humor. The Founder of Alynn Neckwear,  Alan Cadan (Learn more here) worked for Chipp for 17 years before striking out on his own (with the help of his wife). Alan carried on the tradition of creating emblematic ties that used the same humor as Chipp did. He created classics such as the “Rat Race” and “D.O.M. (Dirty Old Man).”
Alynn Rat Race

                                                                              Alynn Rat Race Tie

Alynn dirty old man tie                                                                          Alynn D.O.M. (Dirty Old Man)

Male Chauvinist Pig Tie                                                                      Alynn Male Chauvinist Pig Tie

Alynn I Ran Short Tie                                                                          Alynn I Ran Short Tie

Chipp and Alynn are not the only ones that produced such ties, but they might be the best. Both Paul Winston and Alan Cadan still produce ties at their respective businesses; Chipp2 and Alynn Neckwear. However, to the disappointment of many they do not stock many of these humorous ties anymore, but I do believe that both companies will take on custom projects.

oxford cloth button down
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3 Comments on "Ivy League Humor: Neckwear"

  1. LIn says:

    How did people know what they meant? Some of them are obvious and intuitive but I can’t figure out the one with the clocks…maybe it is just me 🙂

  2. Paul says:

    One my favorite things left to me by my dearly-departed father was his “D.O.M” tie!

  3. fxh says:

    My contempt for “joke” ties is on about the same level as my disdain for “joke”socks.

    However I find myself strangely drawn to some of these examples.

    Oops have to go – late for my analyst appointment.

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