Spring & Summer 2019

I am working on my spring and summer look for 2019. That entails looking for any gaps in my wardrobe, thinking about items that need to be replaced, and trying to recall combinations that I liked from last year. Basically you need to identify a few central items to build around and making sure that you have the supporting cast in place. I haven’t finished doing all of that but I have made a few purchases.

First up is a cotton tennis sweater from JCrew. These can come off costumey so you have to be careful and confident as well. I have had a tennis sweater before. I remember that it was easier to dress it down than to dress it up. I liked wearing it with athletic shorts when running errands. I’ll use this sweater like a sweatshirt. I like it over the grey t-shirt as pictured below. I’ll try it over a polo shirt as well. A little preppier than my usual trad self, but hey I am off duty. If you get a cricket sweater remember to wear it and not let it wear you.

Also from J.Crew are a pair of paisley shorts (here). Let me get the downside out of the way. They don’t accommodate a belt and have a draw string closure. They are expensive at $80, but we all know paying full price for J.Crew is foolish. I got these on sale. I loved the muted paisley and who doesn’t need cool slumming clothes. Again, that paisley.

Next up are a pair of rugby shirts that I scored from Columbia knit. The rugby with the flags of the world just had that vibe that I wanted. My father was not trad, but this reminds of the types of shirts that he wore in the 1980s. It fit in well with my current direction when it comes to casual looks. I was disappointed that the flags are kind of ironed on, but it makes sense for $36. It fit on the smaller side of true to size.

The other rugby that I picked up is a classic hoop stripe in royal blue and white. I have a blue and white hooded rugby from Barbarian that I have learned how to effectively use. I will use everything that I learned there to get good use out of this rugby. I have worn it a few times and the bright blue has a nice pop to it. It fit on the bigger side of true to size which I like in a rugby for layering. It is also heavier than the flag rugby but not as a heavy as my Barbarian Rugby shirts.

You can’t have warm weather and not have sneakers. I am sure lots of you may disagree, but as a guy that walks a lot and plays outdoors a lot sneakers are a necessity. Were the 1979 Nike Tailwinds a necessity? No, but they look super cool. If you are interested in a pair they run half size small.

Well there you have it. These are my latest, but not the last pick ups for spring & summer 2019. I have a couple of purchases that I still need to make. Ones that I think will be of interest here. Such as new camp mocs and chambray shirts. Stay tuned for more.

J.Crew Cotton Cricket Sweater
oxford cloth button down
Jerrod Swanton is a simple man interested in simple, classic, and traditional style.

13 Comments on "Spring & Summer 2019"

  1. Sean says:

    I love the way that you are thinking about the clothes that you need to fill-in your wardrobe for the spring and summer. This post is a good reminder for me to do the same.

    I am really liking the blue and white rugby shirt. I remember having a similar shirt when I was a kid back in the 80s. I remember it being heavy and quite warm – more something for the fall and winter than the spring and summer. I’m really curious how you will wear it. I suppose that it would work well with khaki shorts; such a combination would probably look good and not be too hot – especially in the spring.

    Thanks again for the post. I’m trying to improve my wardrobe and appreciate all that I have learned from your blog. I do hope that you will continue to write — and to continue to enjoy the writing.

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      Sean- Thanks! The Columbia Knit rugby is less heavy than my Barbarian, but it still has a good weight to it. I plan on primarily wearing this in spring which in Ohio stays pretty cool (read:COLD) until June. It will also be used on cool mornings and evenings.

  2. Rick in SoCal says:

    Greetings! I need your help please! I am 64yo & downsizing and drastically clearing out my closets.I have much2much classic/trad/prep clothing from 60s70s & 80s. Retired banker and do not desire to donate to Goodwill. If you can suggest another, would certainly appreciate your suggestions.
    Madras, 3/2, Pendleton, Brooks, Hart S&M, seersucker, Spooner. Cuffs & center vent. Any suggestions? These are quality clothing, someone may desire. Thank you! Cheers! Hope you are enjoying a great day. Any input is greatly appreciated. Best regards, Rick

  3. Gary says:

    I like tennis sweaters. I’d much rather see an oxford or a polo under it in your photo, but it looks like a nice sweater.

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      Thanks! If it helps know that I was wearing that outfit on a Sunday lounging on the couch all day.

  4. Rick aka tweeds says:

    Rick of SoCal, try selling your clothes on offer up. I have had good experience with them.

    Rick of San Diego

  5. Tall Trad says:

    Your post reminded me of how I love to wear long sleeved rugby shirts on cool days in the spring and fall. Back in the day, Lands’ End used be a sponsor of the USA Rugby Men’s Eagles team and used it to market their heavyweight “Tough as the Game” 10.5 oz rugby jersey. In the mid-1980s, I had a red USA Rugby Eagles jersey and a green & navy college striped jersey. Circa 1996, Lands’ End offered rugby jerseys in tall sizes, which I always prefer as suggested by my moniker. At that time, I purchase two college striped jerseys, a navy & burgundy and a navy & green, both with a very trad/preppy vibe. I still have both of those shirts today. The knitted cuffs are frayed and worn now, but I can’t bear to part with them. These shirts have become softer and even more comfortable with age and are relaxing old friends.

    Fast forward to the fall of 2018. Once again, Lands’ End offered traditional rugby shirts in regular and tall sizes. Although not as heavy weight material as the old 10.5 oz jerseys, these shirts are very nice and the tall fits me perfectly. I snapped up three of them: (1) a navy with gold stripes in a pattern reminiscent of a Brooks Brothers BB#1 Rep Tie, (2) a cherry and navy block stripe, and (3) a blue and navy block stripe. Here is a link to a photo of U.S. Congressman Rob Bishop sporting the blue and navy block stripe version:
    There must have been serious pent-up demand for rugby shirts at Lands’ End always reasonable sale prices, because the entire line sold out very quickly in all sizes well before Christmas. As winter loses its grip and the weather transitions to cool spring days, I am looking forward to wearing mine starting this weekend.

  6. FJW says:

    Jerrod– I agree with you that sometimes they do appear to be costumey and that is what has stopped me from buying one.
    But Brooks now has one on sale for $74.00. Maybe one more markdown and I may have to take the plunge.

  7. Craig says:

    I think this is the season I finally get a rugby shirt. I’d love to find one in the colours of my alma mater (Green and Gold), but that’s a rare combo – gold and navy and green and navy are more common.

    When I was younger a family friend from out east gave me an authentic barbarian ‘Fun Shirt’ rugby that I didn’t fully appreciate at the time.

  8. Andarte says:

    Hey OCBD!

    What size did you take in the paisley shorts?

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      I went with a medium then washed and dryed on hot. In hindsight a small would have probably worked as well if not better, but I would have to wash/dry cold. Hope that helps!

  9. Cynic Diogenes says:

    The flag shirt makes me think of the early 90’s.

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