The J.Press Catalog & A Corduroy Sport Coat

3/2 Tan Corduroy Sport Coat J.Press Pennant

The new J.Press catalog showed up in my mailbox last week. There’s always some good stuff in there to drool over like the new soft make Lovat sport coats, the all cotton wide wale corduroy pants that which are becoming increasingly hard to find, and the re-emergence of moleskin pants There is a whole lot more, but this post is about one image that really stood out to me.

Check out the picture above. It is so good. The tan corduroy sport coat. The checked shirt. The silk knit tie. Even the notebook adds something. It’s a classic look with Dustin Hoffman Graduate vibes, but it also looks contemporary. The corduroy sport coat straddles the line between dressed up and dressed down nicely reflecting our current sartorial climate. It might be the perfect fence sitter. Same with the knit tie. The natural pose helps make him look comfortable in these clothes. This is what makes for good looks books and for good fits in real life. One thing that surprises me about this fit is that I would have never picked a shirt with a pattern in these colors, but it sure does work here. Yes, I know there is no collar roll. The youngsters will get there. This is Pennant Label J.Press not mainline which still has that good collar roll. I am not sold on the 5-pocket cords with the different color corduroy jacket, but since they are obscured in the pic I I am going to let it ride. Hats off to whomever styled this one.

Dustin Hoffman & His Killer Cord Jacket in The Graduate

This seems like as good of a time as any to use my bully pulpit for personal gain. I have been and still am on the lookout for a similar jacket. My size is sold out at J.Press or I’d bite. It’s probably the reason why I liked the pic so much. My ideal set up is a 3/2 roll sack cut with swelled edges, a welted chest pocket, patch and flap lower pockets, and center vent in this color. This gold tan color is the best cord color imho with olive trailing just behind. It works with chinos and it works with jeans. I’d love a good deal on a vintage 3/2 roll corduroy sport coat, but if you know where a new one is send it my way as well. Here’s the rub. I am about a 37s (17-17.25″ shoulders, 20-ish” ptp, and 28-29 length from boc). Thanks for keeping me in mind!

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10 Comments on "The J.Press Catalog & A Corduroy Sport Coat"

  1. Tie Clip says:

    Hi Ox, nice post. The checked shirt has a high contrast to it. The white base and the relatively dark brown over check works with the models relatively high contrast complexion, dark brown hair and slightly tanned skin (but he could be pale, hard to tell on my screen monitor).
    The tan cord coat and the black knit tie could work with any complexion, but a light toned shirt would likely look smartest underneath.
    How would you style a Tan cord sports coat yourself Ox? Thanks

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      Tie Clip – Probably a lot of what I always do; a blue shirt and khaki chinos. Maybe more knit ties. Would look good with olive chinos. If I ever find a pair of jeans that I actually like I will do definitely do that loo.

  2. Michael Powell says:

    I don’t have a navy blazer, I’ve got a navy cord jacket which I think is a bit more versatile than a full-on blazer. The metal buttons take the blazer up to near suit territory. The navy cord jacket can go from very casual up to blazer lite. I’ve also got a tan cord jacket. Add a blue OCBD, a ROY G BIV selection of knit ties, khakis and some oxblood penny loafers and I’m ready for about anything.

  3. Irving G. Steinberg says:

    Hi, great observations. If you’re interested, there’s a tagged 36 sh brooks university shop one with a 1968-76 Union tag:
    “Vintage Brooks Brothers University Shop Jacket Men’s 36R Mustard Corduroy Blazer”

    A bit pricy but less than a new bb or jpress one, I believe.

    Good luck hunting!

  4. Irving G. Steinberg says:

    Hi, sorry, somehow I forgot to mention I saw it on eBay. Sorry!

  5. Fred Johnson says:

    A few years ago I found a NWOT BB tan corduroy jacket like the Press model at a local Goodwill. 3-2 sack, patch a flap lower pockets, etc., This would be considered a “grail”.

  6. Johnny says:

    The model looks like Ted Bundy.

  7. d_bok says:

    First thing I thought when I saw the JPress outfit was, “Is that 2008 JCrew?” They were chockablock with models in the same cords, tartan shirt, knit tie look. Sometimes in their denim or chinos. It is truly a timeless look that most men can pull of easily and more importantly, comfortably.

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