Keikari: Interview with Christian Chensvold


Ivy Style is by far my favorite blog; it is the website that I spend the most time on that doesn’t actually sell clothes. I am sure that most people that are reading this are aware of the site. If not, the site offers a great mix of news, history, and personal stories centered around Ivy League Style. Recently Christian Chensvold, the man behind Ivy Style, was interviewed over at Keikari. The highlight of the interview in my opinion is when Christian talks about what he found in Ivy League Style as it echoes my own outlook on the style.

 “In the Ivy League Look I found a genre of clothing that is fairly fixed, which perhaps appeals to my sense of order. But it’s also flexible enough to appeal to all the sides of my personality. It can be cool, elegant, sporty, conservative. I also strongly identify with the approach of being relatively dressed up with casual attire and relatively dressed down with formal attire.”

Keikari, which translates to fop in English, is a Finnish website and forum dedicated to menswear. Head on over there to read the full interview here.

Christian ChensvoldChristian Chensvold

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