Replicating a Look


I was looking for a tie like the man in Hiroshi Watatani illustration above. I thought that a purple tie would be a nice addition to my collection. I liked the way the purple looked with the blue blazer. Plus, I do aspire to look like the man in the picture so the tie will be a must…one day. I found the tie much quicker than I had anticipated. I decided to challenge myself by trying to locate the rest of the items that he is wearing which turned into a trad version of what Nerd Boyfriend does.

I started with the easiest items first. The shoes weren’t hard to find at all as they look like Alden’s Cape Cod bit loafers, the trousers could easily be white ducks from O’Connell’s, and the shirt a J.Press blue and white butcher stripe. The blazer was harder to find than I had imagined especially because price was not an issue in this exercise. It is sad that the three patch and two flap pocket sack blazer is a dying breed (perhaps like J.Press itself). I did find one, but I had to go with a trim fit version which will not please many of the trads out there.

The hardest item of all to locate was the coat. I blame the artist for this. I can’t make out if the jacket is a wool overcoat or a raincoat. The yellow color of the jacket threw me off, but because of the cut of the coat, the fact that he is not wearing socks and I saw that his lady friend had the sunroof open so I guessed rain coat. Unfortunately, I could not find a perfect match. I ended up settling on a cotton gabardine raincoat from J.Press. It is good to know that I can still get my hands on this rig, but it would not be cheap as the total of these items for just under $3k. Like all goals in life this one will be approached one step at time.

Glastonberry Cricket Club

Glastonbury Cricket Club – Ben Silver $105

Alden Horse Bit LoafersAlden Horse Bit Loafer – $325

O'Connell's White DucksO’Connell’s White Ducks – $99.95

J.Press Blutcher Stripe ShirtJ.Press Butcher Stripe Shirt – $98

J.Press Patch Pocket Sack BlazerJ.Press Patch Pocket Sack Blazer - $980

J.Press RaincoatJ.Press Raincoat – $1,295

And the end result is…


oxford cloth button down
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4 Comments on "Replicating a Look"

  1. levis501 says:

    It is always inspirational seeing your dressing style and preference. You are definitely gifted about that, no doubt. It seems that the way one wear clothes somehow reflects his personalities. If it is true, you are sort of perfectionist I would think. I see perfect color matches and structure from the way you choose and wear clothes including accessories. The hair looks always perfect and every piece is in place correctly (I can’t breathe ^^). It is not a critic, but it would be great showing little bit of relaxing look. It is just me though. No doubt inspirational all the time. Thanks.

  2. oxford cloth button down says:

    Levis 501 – Thank you for your very kind words. You are very observant and correct that I am sort of a perfectionist (I did not know it was so obvious!). I do sport a more relaxed look in the evenings and on the weekends. I will work on presenting some of these looks. Thank!

  3. Jake says:

    Great blog post as always with your usual eye for detail. I do think the coat you’re referring to is a very 1960′s mac, probably made by Aquascutum? I know it was the fashion in the 60′s to have one of those slightly plastic looking mac. I have seen something similar to this style and in the same colour on a secret brand sales website. Maybe this will help narrow your search? Keep up the blog!

  4. Jovan says:

    Hm, this is all the inspiration I needed to get a pair of white or off-white chinos.

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