Fun in the Sun

I am longing for summer. Actually, with temps averaging around 10 degrees below average I would settle for a little bit of spring at this point. This revelation was brought to light when I caught a glimpse of the albums (See below) that made up my current Spotify playlist which contains songs with titles such as “Surfer Girl,” Harbor lights,” ”Sidewalk Surfer Girl,” but I shouldn’t have been too surprised as the playlist is called “Summer Fun.”
Beach Boys Surfer Girl Album CoverBeat Surf Fun - Tullycraft

It seems that summer is on everyone’s mind. For instance, there is a Tropical Ivy thread in full swing over at Talk Ivy, I have been seeing seersucker and madras making almost daily appearances on Ask Andy’s Trad forum, and I am sure that Christian from Ivy Style is ready to play golf day in and day out as he recently launched his Golf Style website.

Slim Aarons Tennis in Bermuda                                                                       Photo by Slim Aarons

As for me, I have been soaking it all in spending time looking at old surfing pics, pictures of people enjoying exotic locations from Slim Aarons, and other vintage images that involve warm weather fun. I have never actually been surfing and I have no immediate plans to either, but the pics possess a sense of adventure, freedom, and youth that just screams summer.
Ron Church Surf's up                                                                      Ron Church Photo
1950-60s surfing

 I have also been doing a little summer planning for the blog. Just last summer I wore my first ever short sleeve button-front shirt and I have a feeling I may add one or two (maybe even a print!) this summer. I also have a few summer shoe ideas, more on the white canvas summer sneaker, a post about the “uniform” that I have adopted for my own golf outings, and more.

So, hurry up and get ready to take it easy. There will be plenty of sun friendly posts coming over the next few months. It is time for some summer fun!

oxford cloth button down
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  1. lin says:

    It must be almost summer- I bought 3 new pairs of flip flops

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