The Patchwork Repp Tie

We are all familiar with patchwork ties, sport coats, trousers, and shirts that are made up of Madras and even though it is not as common we have all seen patchwork items made from tweed and tartans as well. There is another patchwork item that I have only seen a handful of times.

The first time that I saw a patchwork Repp tie (pictured below) it took me a few moments to figure out what it was that I was looking at. It was difficult to recognize the striped Repp ties when the stripes were arranged in random patchwork fashion. Once I was able to make out what I was looking at I was intrigued.
Patchwork Repp Tie YRR

Fast forward to last week when I spotted a patchwork Repp tie over at Polo Ralph Lauren (see here). Uncle Ralph’s patchwork Repp tie is not strictly made of striped ties. It also includes a few pieces of an emblematic tie. The tie is a bit slim, but it is still wearable at 3” (I find 3.25” perfect for myself). It is also a bit expensive. This patchwork tie sports a price tag of $165.
PRL Patchwork Repp Tie  2014

I know that patchwork items are not for everyone. They fall into the category of clothing coined by Tom Wolfe in his 1976 article for Esquire entitled “Mauve Gloves & Madmen, Clutter & Vine,” as “go to hell” or simply GTH. GTH clothing can be polarizing and this tie is no different, but when I saw a version being offered up by Polo Ralph Lauren this season I thought that it was well worth discussing. Now comes the question, would you wear it?

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9 Comments on "The Patchwork Repp Tie"

  1. Stefano L. Alberti says:

    Sir, I would never wear it. It screams: “Look at me, I spent nearly two hundred bucks on a necktie”. My grandparents, who knew the rules about repp ties, wouldn’t be proud of it, if they were alive and knew about it.

  2. No this particular kind of tie, no. It’s too busy.

    Best Regards,

    Heinz-Ulrich von B.

  3. Sean says:

    I would wear this tie and I have now placed it on my wish list to buy. It is 100% silk and handmade in the USA.

  4. Alexander says:

    Two prep-staples combined into another one. After all that concept is great, but practically I wouldn’t pull that off.

  5. OldSchool says:

    This tie is designed to be the center of attention.
    That is the best reason to avoid it.

  6. Athlone says:


    Considering how flashy so much “preppy” clothing is, that tie might almost be deemed conservative.

  7. Hollywood Argyle says:

    I don’t wear patch anything. Can’t stand it. Maybe it’s because we don’t do GTH on the West Coast.

    Then again, we barely do “dressed nicely” on the West Coast.

  8. Fairmount says:

    @Hollywood Argyle

    “Then again, we barely do “dressed nicely” on the West Coast.”

    One of the many reasons I left the West Coast, sir. I’ve never regretted it.

  9. Hollywood Argyle says:

    Ah, but I am West Coast born and raised, and while there is much about other parts of the country to commend them, the cultural differences are too great for me to endure. If I ever live elsewhere again, I’m sure I will feel as though I am in self-imposed exile.

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