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I have a penchant for Japanese illustrations of the trad and Ivy League variety. I recently added two new books to my collection and I thought that I would share a few illustrations from each.

As you can see below the styles differ dramatically between the two books. The first set of 5 illustrations are from the Illustrated Book of Ivy. Most trad and ivy fans are well aware of these illustrations as they are no stranger to the menswear blog and style circuit. These illustrations are pure fun. I have probably selected the most conservative illustrations that the book has to offer. It also features cool illustrations of patterns, shoes, ties, and of course a handful of outfits that will send traditionalists into a frenzy.

The second set of illustrations are from the Official American Trad Handbook. This book was a bit of a miss pick. Primarily because the text to illustration ration is 99 to 1 (and I am only fluent in Japanese Illustrations, not text). It also features a few illustration from the first book. Despite these two drawbacks I was pleasantly surprised with the art. I can easily imagine these illustrations being part of a comic strip.

I am very happy with my purchases. These books are great to use as coffee table books, but not so great for  scholarly research. I don’t look to these illustrations for “the rules” or to better understand trad as a whole. I simply enjoy them for what they are which is exactly what I hope that you do, too.

Ivy Illustration 1Ivy Illustration 2Ivy Illustration 3Ivy Illustration 5Ivy Illustration 4
Trad  Illustration 1Trad Illustration 2
Trad Illustration 3Trad Image 4Trad Illustration 5

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13 Comments on "More Ivy & Trad Illustrations"

  1. Dutch Uncle says:

    I consider myself fortunate to have lived through a time when American men really dressed like that.

  2. Fading Fast says:

    Fantastic illustrations – thank you for posting. Also, great – albeit a bit exaggerated – illustration of the natural shoulder, but exaggerate or not, it highlights how wonderfully a simple, not-padded shoulder compliments that natural line of the body.

  3. Carmelo says:

    An english traduction of “Official American Trad Handbook” would be welcome!

  4. Charlottesville says:

    Delightful, especially the second group, which I have not seen anywhere else. Many thanks for sharing, Jerrod.

  5. George says:

    Put me down for a copy once it’s in English. I really do like it. All the men look, to my eye, so…”normal.” Cool coffee table book to go next to my Eames, Eichler, Googie books and space-race photos.

  6. OldSchool says:

    What a pleasure to see all of those gents smiling. Like many of us, they are obviously happy wearing Ivy/Trad clothing.
    A welcome contrast to the grim expressions on the faces of the human models in so many Ivy/Trad ads and catalogs.
    Like Charlottesville, I had never before seen the second group of illustrations and thoroughly enjoyed them.

  7. Levis501 says:

    Hi. I just ordered a strap belt from Trafelga. I recalled you mentioned about that. I also remembered you had to cut it little bit to fit your waist. My dress pants size is 32″. I was sort of hesitant ordering size 34″, although the store recommended 2″ lager than my pants. What size did you order, but have to cut actually to fit your waist? Thanks very much.

  8. oxford cloth button down says:

    Levis501 – I actually got my strap from Beltmaster and my buckle from Trafalgar. Sorry, I can’t be of more help.

  9. Ezra Cornell says:

    Very interesting. And the text is revealing, too. In the second set there are all kinds of instructions about how to wear the clothes, when they are worn and all — a kind of comprehensive guide. It is remarkable what beautiful, trad clothes one finds in Japan: much more widespread than in the US, and much more appreciated.

    • Hollywood Argyle says:

      And yet… most Japanese “salarymen” dress in nondescript navy suits of questionable quality and fiber content, with poorly-fitting white shirts, whatever tie happened to be lying around, and cheap clunky black shoes with a high percentage of manmade material that have had the heel cups semi-flattened because they can’t be bothered to tie and untie the laces.

  10. Paper Clip says:

    Reminds me of the cartoon opening of My Three Sons!

  11. Levis501 says:

    Thanks for quick reply, and leading me to a great belt store. I find great straps there too. Sorry again but what size would you based on your personal experience recommend me wearing 32″ dress pants to buy there? Thanks very much.

  12. oxford cloth button down says:

    Levis 501 – Glad to help. I think a 32″ would work. I am a size 29/30 and cut off some of the 32″. I might buy both and keep the strap that fits.

    Old School – Thanks for the link. I forgot about the cartoon opening.

    Ezra – Now I wish that I could read it.

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