The 2016 Lands’ End Hyde Park Update

2016 Hyde Park OCBD

Every now and again I hear murmurs that Lands’ End has restored its Hyde Park OCBD to its former glory. Last week the internet chatter grew too loud for me to ignore with many, including an alleged Lands’ End CSR touting that the Hyde Park’s collar points were now 3 1/8”. Being one that needs to see it to believe it I placed an order.

I purchased a blue Hyde Park in traditional fit. Though the shirt is priced at $49 I was able to pick it up for half of that, because there is always a sale going on at Lands’ End. When I pulled the shirt out of the box I was cautiously optimistic. It looked as if there might be a little roll to the collar. I was excited. Could this mean that I can once again get an OCBD with a legitimate collar roll for under $50??? I went for the measuring tape.
2016 Hyde Park OCBD
I removed the shirt from its plastic wrapper, unbuttoned the collar, and got down to business. The results were what I had expected. No change, or at least not much change. The collar points measure 3”. This may be a bit longer than some of the 2014 reports that the collar was 2 ¾”, but not the 3 ¼” that they used to be.
Hyde Park OCBD Collar PointsI really did not expect Lands’ End to have returned its shirt to glory, but I was hopeful. I had told myself that maybe they were watching the sales of new old Brooks Brother OCBD which is reportedly selling well (I hear that it is selling well, but again “hear.”) and saw the opportunity to compete. I even had a more far fetched theory that they were just tired of having people from Ask Andy Trad calling in asking them to measure the collar points. It was neither. Just more of the same small collarness.

The Hyde Park is still a decent OCBD. If you have no need or desire to wear a tie it is a great option. However, if you are reading this blog chances are you know what you want and that is collar roll. There is no roll to be had here. Like most things that Lands’ End does today it is so close yet so far away.

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18 Comments on "The 2016 Lands’ End Hyde Park Update"

  1. Sam says:

    Thanks for the report. Given the low price, I might try one of these out. Is it non-iron, or must-iron?

  2. oxford cloth button down says:

    Sam – It is must-iron. The sad part is that 99.99% of the collar roll pics that I post on this site are old Lands’ End shirts. I wish that I could still rely on them, but have been forced to move on due to collar constraints.

    I do have two of 3″ variety. I wear them casually on the weekend. I actually wore one last night on a bike ride.

  3. MythReindeer says:

    I have a Tailored Fit Hyde Park from a few years back (2013 or 2014 is a good bet). The collar point indeed is right at 2.75″. I wear ties so rarely that I find the collar quite sufficient, though I do like the longer points of my Brooks Brothers shirts. LE’s Tailored Fit in my size fits very well, though, so I make the best of it.

  4. Roger Russell says:

    I am not as forgiving as you guys. I think the collar roll on a shirt is necessary tie or no tie. Without a substantial collar roll a shirt does not hang properly.
    Jerrod, I have to ask, Did you return that ill proportioned monster?

  5. Fred Johnson says:

    You should have known better…

  6. George says:

    Love the tape measuer. Clearly old school that has been a fly on the wall observing much. Classic…like when a 2×4 was actually 2″ by 4″. Nice job on the rest of it, too. Thanks.

  7. Enrique says:

    The last batch of OCBD’s I got is from Uniqlo. I’ve heard that this year’s model is not good at all. What’s your opinion on the best cost/quality shirt out there? Karamura? I wear them without ties FWIW

  8. Dutch Uncle says:

    Might I suggest that you place the tape measure beneath the collar point rather than above it, so that we clearly see the measurement in inches rather than centimetres. Thanks.

  9. Charlottesville says:

    I note that Brooks is running all of their shirts, including both their old (non-rolling) OCBD and their newly re-issued rolling OCBD, at 40% off, if you can afford to buy 4 at once. 25% off for two. Both are 100% cotton, must-iron. Still expensive, but at least not $95 (old) or $140 (new) each. I have yet to try the new model, but it is an option for those of us who really care about the roll. The sale info is on the BB website.

  10. Gary says:

    Thank you for the report, Ox. I am with Roger Russell–collar roll is crucial, tie or no tie. I’ll have to keep passing the Hyde Park.

  11. Just picked up a white one to try. 50% off for flag day!

  12. A shame. LE had great products at great prices once upon a time. In hindsight, I suppose the writing was on the wall with LE once they began offering most of their shirts as “non-iron.”

    Best Regards,

    Heinz-Ulrich von B.

  13. Charlottesville says:

    Heinz-Ulrich – So true. I doubt that you are old enough to remember when Jos. Bank was a trad clothier. Their catalog in those long-ago days was full of 3/2 undarted suits and sport coats with hook vents in Harris tweeds, poplins, seersuckers, flannels, etc. I remember their OCBDs as comparing favorably to Brooks’ version of that era, and their ties were excellent. All at roughly half the price of BB or J. Press. As a an early 20-something, it was a great source. Now, like so many others, it is a collection of second rate “fashion.”

  14. Billax says:

    In support of Jerrod’s contention, here’s a Hyde Park OCBD from the glory days:

  15. Billax says:

    And here’s the proof statement of the 3.25″ Hyde Park collar length:

  16. Ed G says:

    I inadvertently posted on the older Hyde Park post. I posted too soon for two reasons:
    1) I posted there before seeing this “update” post.
    2) More importantly, I posted before washing the shirt. As we all know, good quality oxford cloth shrinks during washing. Before washing, I posted that the collar was a serviceable though slightly short 3 1/8″. After washing, the collar is now just shy of 3″, as OCBD remarks in this blog.

    In sum, I do agree that as a casual shirt, for the price (when on sale), it’s a pretty dang good shirt. But not great.

  17. Anti_toast says:

    Jerrod, I really appreciate your blog! I just purchased a Hyde Park, and I’m very satisfied with it. This is coming from a guy that has had a really hard time finding brands that fit well. I’m 6’5″ and go between 210 and 220lbs, pretty athletic. I sent for a Traditional Fit and a Tailored fit from Lands End, both in 16 1/2″ neck and 37″ sleeve. The tailored had a 2 3/4″ collar and the trad a 3″ collar (which, as my first OCBD I’m not upset with at all for a sale price of $38). Here the surprise: They both looked virtually indistinguishable to me (especially when tucked in) except the tailored felt tight in the shoulders/chest. So I am sending that one back and keeping the traditional. As a side note, I’m really surprised at how many people seem to think that the trad fit is too much fabric. It’s perfect. (for me, at least.)

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