A Denim Post

I can’t remember the last time that I talked about denim on the blog or if I ever even have. I think that pretty well illustrates where my interest level in denim is…or was as I am almost starting to consider a pair. Let’s talk about it.
ImageBefore all the non-denim readers get too worked up we will examine the facts. I currently do not own a single a pair of jeans. I have worn a pair of jeans once in the last 7 years. I can remember it clearly. It was 6 years ago and I was going hiking. I thought that they would great, but they weren’t. They were uncomfortable (and hot) which is the single biggest reason that I stopped wearing them.
ImageNow that I have said all that let me be clear in that I don’t hate denim. Denim has a place in traditional dress. You will find them in Take Ivy, you used to see them a lot on HTJ blog, and I see a handful of guys pull off trad looks in jeans today like Dallas in the top 2 pics (Check out his Insta for more great style: @getticketsforthedance). For me, I like the idea of having another alternative outside of 5-pocket cords that communicates that I am off work.

I haven’t pulled the trigger on any jeans just yet. I haven’t even rounded up any options. I am however thinking about the type of wash that I want. I am actually leaning towards a lighter pair of jeans over the ubiquitous dark denim that I see everywhere. Time will tell and I will keep all of you in the know.

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12 Comments on "A Denim Post"

  1. Joel Vau says:

    Have kept only one pair of jeans in my closet since college, among multiple pair of khakis. My dad never wore jeans for those reasons, although he succomed when he got old. There are a few OCBDs with which they look better than khakis, I think: yellow, green univ stripe, and some shades of pink. But I agree with you, they are hot in summer, cold in winter, and uncomfortable most always. Cannot imagine why 9 of 10 Americans find them comfortable. Saw a blog on Old Money recently however where the guy says they are best to trave in b/c they thwart pick pockets. Have to admit that occasionally they “feel” right, but have no explanation for that. But in Colorado where I live if you aren’t wearing jeans the people don’t think you are casual and if you wear khakis, even unironed, they ask why you are dressed up.

  2. Bluchermoc says:

    I have a very serviceable pair of Wrangler jeans I picked up on of all places, Walmart. Super affordable and plain, with no stitching on the pockets. Very low key.

  3. Lennart says:

    I have three pairs of jeans and I like them a lot. One pair is tan color and I use them both at work and at home. The second pair is darker denim blue and I have them mostly at work, they look great with a brown or grey tweed jacket. The third pair are well worn with some patches, they work good when birding or hiking. I have always had jeans and been wearig them more or less frequently over different periods. Same with the chinos, different colors and different chinos for different occations.

  4. Pat says:

    I do wear jeans on occasion. My choice from mid October to late April is a pair of moleskin 5 pockets.
    Some years they are hard to find. I have some from Marks and Spencer shipped from the UK.
    And a pair from Lands End. If you watch their sales, (at Lands End there is almost always a deal)
    they can be had for $35 to $40. If you prefer a regular pant shape, I use John Norris of Penrith
    UK. There sizes are true, not vanity sized like so many pants today. So, you might need to size up.

    Orvis an RM Williams have a heavier duty moleskin 5 pocket at 3 times the price. So you have options.

  5. August West says:

    I just this morning ordered 2 pair of Levis 541’s, one pair made in USA. My first jeans purchase in over 10 years. They are supposed to sit at the waist and be slightly tapered below the knee. We’ll see if that’s actually the case once they arrive.
    I really don’t like wearing jeans as I don’t find them nearly as comfortable as a pair of khakis. It’s more a matter of wearing them to “fit in” in certain circumstances.As Joel mentioned above, some people perceive even a rumpled pair of khakis to be “dressed up”. I really don’t understand it. If those same cotton pants had cargo pockets on them, no one would think them to be dressy.

  6. fred johnson says:

    I have one pair of flannel lined jeans I wear in the cold months for outdoor chores.

  7. Matt says:

    I think you should try a pair of Banana Republic Slim Rapid Movement Denim Medium Wash Jean. They feel like butter. Not the thick heavy selvage denim and not the super thin travelers jeans. A perfect mix right in the middle. Try in a pair and you will be a changed man!

  8. Sean says:

    I recently bought Polo Ralph Hampton Straight Fit in Mid-Indigo. See my review here: http://mrpseanmorgan.tumblr.com/post/163815693712/what-i-wore-today-saturday-august-5-2017-my

  9. August West says:

    My 541’s arrived today. The fit is as advertised, they sit almost at the waist and are tapered slightly below the knee. The USA made pair uses cone denim, a plant in Greensboro NC that apparently just closed. I’ll see how they do out of the wash, but I’ll probably pick up at least another pair of these before the stock likely runs out.
    The other pair I purchased are likely going back; tan called “caraway stretch”. I’m not a fan of the material.

  10. RMD says:

    I’m still going to suggest dark denim. I wear mine literally everyday. It’s just easy to wear, and I like the idea of building my own patina, personally. I’m going to suggest Levis 501CT. High rise, tapered leg (though it may or may not be too much, that’s up to you). They’re just the perfect pair for vintage-inspired stylists.

  11. MRS says:

    Hiking in denim? Ouch.

  12. andrew friedman says:

    I have had the same two pair of Levis for over ten years. one was pre-washed more than the other. They are reasonably worn in, and I like them, but I tend to reach for other pants in casual situations. The pants I wear instead are two older pair of Patagonia work pants – khaki color, better fit, better freedom of movement, more durable. the comparable pair today would be their regular fit cotton duck pants.

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