Shaggy Shetlands on Sale

If I know one thing about trads it is that they like a deal. It probably has something to do with its northeast beginnings and Yankee frugality. Combined that with the fact that a current shaggy dog from J.Press costs $245 and its no surprise that we are always on the hunt for a bargain for a shaggy Shetland. Today you are in luck as I have a Shetland steal to share.

Unionmade currently has their Harley of Scotland Shaggy Shetlands on sale for $115. This is very close to the number I always here trads throw out (under $100). I have both a Harley of Scotland brushed Shetland and a Shaggy Dog. The Shaggy dog is much thicker and heavier than the Harley so much thicker that the Shaggy dog is challenging to wear indoors. The Harley feels a little more delicate than some Shetlands which I think has to do with the fact that they use less ply’s. All in all I think this is a great bargain and wear mine far more often than my Shaggy dog. Sizes and colors are limited so if you are interested do not wait. Shop here: Harley of Scotland for Unionmade

Harley of Scotland for Unionmade - Shetland Shaggy Crew Neck Sweater in Iron Rust

Harley of Scotland for Unionmade - Shetland Shaggy Crew Neck Sweater in Jade

Harley of Scotland for Unionmade - Shetland Shaggy Crew Neck Sweater in Marble Gemstone

Harley of Scotland for Unionmade - Shetland Shaggy Crew Neck Sweater in Putty


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4 Comments on "Shaggy Shetlands on Sale"

  1. David says:

    Not sure if this was the case for you, but I had to size up when I bought my Harley from Unionmade. I was at one of their stores 2 years ago and tried my normal M and an L. The M was a bit too snug for my Dad bod. Just a caveat for other readers.

  2. oxford cloth button down says:

    David – Thanks for chiming in. I agree these look like they run small.

    I did not buy mine here and it has a different fit than these. One of the nice things about Unionmade is that they provide measurements on the site.

  3. Jon DiBenedetto says:

    I like Harleys a lot. The somewhat less heavy knit makes it easier for me to year in the Spring.

  4. RWK says:

    I would strongly endorse the Harley of Scotland Shetland sweater. I’ve ordered mine through Bosie (, which has a vast selection of colourways and also has what they characterize as “smaller sizes” available in numbered chest options of 36″ through 42″. The fit is classic without being baggy, and they also offer an option to have the sweater brushed up to four times, for the true shaggy fans among us. They are warm without being too heavy or thick, and layer well under sport coats. They are of seamless construction, being knit in the round, but still feature a raglan sleeve (the knit is oriented in the appropriate direction in the shoulder area of the sweater). I really can’t say enough about how great these sweaters are.

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