When it Gets Cold. We Get Wooly.

I think you all know that I like to spend time outdoors. The thing about the outdoors currently is that it is cold out there. So for once I am talking wool, but I am not talking Shetland sweaters. Lately I have been getting into wool or wool blend shirts.

What got me interested in wool shirts is a vintage Brooksflannel shirt (see above worn post-hike). This shirt came to me via my friend Dallas (getticketsforthedance.tumblr.com & Instagram getticketsforthedance) who has been featured on here for his trad cycling fits. It is a cool and interesting shirt. It is 55% wool and 45% cotton. It has a button down collar. It also has a flap pocket on the chest. It is an amazing shirt. Get jealous.

I have worn this shirt a lot recently. It’s very clear to me that I need another. I am leaning toward’s a shirt that is more wool than cotton, but something like the Viyella at O’Connell’s are still on my list at 80% cotton and 20% wool. I am also not set on it being a button down collar. In terms of colors I am thinking solid navy or cream, but a classic Tartan is always good.

One last thing about these types of shirts is that it may require a long sleeve undershirt. I myself cannot wear wool against my skin comfortably, but most of the time I wouldn’t want to as this is all about warmth. I use long sleeve tees, thermals, and henleys of all sorts as base layers.  I haven’t went the turtleneck route yet, but it’s not far away. I have added a few of the shirts that I am considering below although I would need a 50% off sale to even start considering that RL piece.

Sire Pendleton Shirt
Woolrich Wool Shirt

Wool Tartan Shirt
Viyella Shirt

oxford cloth button down
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4 Comments on "When it Gets Cold. We Get Wooly."

  1. Irving G. Steinberg says:

    Excellent post as always. Up here in Minnesota, if you want to go outside this time of year, layer up as well. I discovered this wool/cotton blend when I bought a vintage 1950s Hathaway Viyella plaid shirt a few years back (it’s a rare tall model with a loop collar!!). Excellent material compromise, soft and warm, yet without an overwhelming feeling of wearing a Brillo pad for us sensitive to wool types (though I have grown a tad more tolerant over the years). I also recently found one of those Brooks flannel shirts with the same label you have, except it is a 15.5 XL (which I take to mean extra long as it fits like a tall shirt as I wear 15.5/16 tall). It’s a red black plaid with a regular point collar with removable collar stays. Go Brooks Brothers!

  2. Benjamin says:

    Wallace & Barnes had some wool-blend flannels a few years back. Easy to find on eBay. Less of an overshirt fit though.

    • Irving G. Steinberg says:

      Yes, as well as Lands End and LL Bean versions. eBay a great resource for these shirts, especially the vintage ones where medium regular is a common size. By the way, I said I had a Hathaway shirt, I meant I have a Manhattan brand vintage Viyella.

  3. Pat says:

    Ebay is a good source but get measurements. Some of these shirts get washed in warm water and shrink.

    I have one of these from Wool and Prince. Understated and warm

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