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When it comes to getting dressed there are a few considerations that I always make such as “Where I am going?”, “What season is it?”, and “What is the weather like?”. If I am getting dressed for a special occasion or an event then I try to dress in a way that shows respect for the event, but more importantly to the host. Seldom do I find myself dressing in a way the expresses how I am feeling that day, but it does happen. This post is about one of those days.

Lately I have been feeling a little overwhelmed. Work has been crazy, dating is hard, and the winter weather is wearing on me as well (This year is in the top 10 for below zero temps for my area.). The stress was building and I could feel myself getting a little more frustrated day by day until I woke up one day and  knew that I had to snap out of it.

Manneken PisThe Tie Manneken Pis

When I was getting dressed I remembered the tie that I had received from my friend Worried Man (Thanks!). This tie features the Manneken Pis (Which literally translates to Little Pee Man.) a famous landmark in Brussels. The origin of the sculpture is surrounded by multiple legends, but I had given the tie my own Chippesque meaning by renaming it “Pissing in the wind.” I thought that this was perfect occasion to break out the tie.

Looking Grumpy                                                           Me Looking grumpy in a shawl collar.

As soon as I put the tie on I felt a little bit better. I threw a shawl collar cardigan on over top to provide some coverage for the little guy, but because of the historical significance of the tie I was not too worried about being reprimanded at work for it. Throughout the day my spirits were lifted by the tie and I smiled to myself quite a few times as I thought about the subversive meaning that I had attached to it.
Oxford Shop LabelMADE IN U.S. A. LabelLooking back I think that expressing my frustration with my wardrobe was much more constructive than keeping it all inside. Instead of declaring defeat I relied on humor for one of its most beneficial uses which is coping life’s challenges and had fun doing it.

oxford cloth button down
Jerrod Swanton is a simple man interested in simple, classic, and traditional style.

9 Comments on "Express Yourself"

  1. lin says:

    When I was in Brussels our guide told us that it was “the little boy who makes pee pee”

  2. Erik says:

    That’s a most excellent tie and I applaud your efforts to brighten your mood. I’ve been comparably moody and frustrated with work (more and more piles on) and other nonsense. I’ve found an outlet in exercise, but still find myself going off on rants that confuse my coworkers and friends.

    Unfortunately, I do allow my frustration and fatigue to relax my wardrobe. Perhaps I should try to use it too improve my mood as well.

  3. Mark Nail says:

    I enjoy your site. Keep up the good work. I loved the tie as well.

  4. Virginia Trad says:

    I guess you’ve already Googled Strotmeyer & Epps, but if you haven’t, it was a fine old store in Richmond, Virginia.

  5. nutrivore says:

    There’s also the little girl version – Jeannekke Pis

  6. Careful Jerrod, next you will be growing a soul patch!



  7. Ed Appleby says:

    A few days after this post, An Affordable Wardrobe covered a very similar tie:

  8. oxford cloth button down says:

    Ed – Thanks for the heads-up!

    Andy – That would be a sad day my friend.

    Virginia Trad – I bet it was a fine old store.

    Mark – Thanks!

  9. Rachel Strotmeyer says:

    That was my great-grandfather’s, grandfather’s, and eventually my dad’s clothing store for many years. I love seeing this stuff still around. Cheers!

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