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I have made a few fall pick ups last week, but I am still waiting on the right weather to wear them. In lieu of a review I will share my latest acquisitions. My thinking is that this may inspire some of you out there to try something new this autumn or to fill that hole in your cool weather wardrobe before the cool turns ice cold.

First, I grabbed a pair of Lands’ End 10 wale cords in the tailored fit. I mentioned these in the my last cord post(Quick Cord Roundup). I have had issues with both the tailored fit and the quality of their cords, but with constant LE Sales they were purchased for cheap. On top of that LE has a great return policy so the risk is minimal.
le-cordsPurchase number 2 is from LE as well. It is a Harrington style jacket often referred to as a Baracuta, because that is the company that produced the iconic jacket. LE calls their jacket a Barracuda and this one comes in Black Watch. My guess is that I will either love it or it will look too neo-prep and I will hate it.



The last item that I bought is a pair of pants for casual wear. I don’t like wearing jeans, but sometimes I want to wear something a little more casual than chinos and that is where I hope that this pair of J.Crew 5 pocket cords comes into play. Specifically I purchased the Vintage Cord in the 770 fit (see here). This fit is supposed to trimmer than the 1040 chinos that I wear for work, but not by much.
j-crew-5-pocketThere you have it folks. I am slowly getting ready for fall. I have added a new pair of cords for work to the rotation, added a Harrington jacket in a fun Black Watch patter, and invested in a pair of 5 pocket cords from J.Crew. I will be wearing these as the weather and opportunity allows. More to come in the future.

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11 Comments on "Review Preview"

  1. Tom says:

    I like LE’s take on the G9 jacket, only improvement would be jersey cuffs. Still, when the “original” is $390, it’s a good buy. 10 wale looks perfect though.

  2. Roger Russell says:

    I really like all of these items. I am assuming the pair of 5 pocket cords came from J. Crew. I pretty much live in five pocket pants from J. Crew because I really like a fabric they refer to as Bedford Cord. The Wheat jeans of the 60’s were Bedford Cords. If you look at the vintage photograph that Red Clay Soul provided last week most of those guys are not wearing Chinos they actually have on five pocket Bedford cords in a wheat color. I get accused of seeking a retro look and I guess there is truth to that. I just really like the look. I wear white socks with loafers as well.
    Also, that jacket is very cool neo-prep or not. If the fabric is good I am going to purchase two of those.

  3. Fred Johnson says:

    Black Watch jacket was a mistake..

  4. Lennart says:

    Hi Jerrod,
    I like the jacket and the five pockets. My fall pick ups are Barbour Bedale (to replace another wax jacket that is in desperate need of retirement), Alan Paine crewneck lambswool in charcoal, dark brownish brogues and a new bag, a swedish brand but sort of alike the Filson you showed in an earlier post.

  5. Brian says:

    Do you know what the lining on the Black what jacket will be?

  6. oxford cloth button down says:

    Brian & Roger Russell – I pulled the jacket out of the box to get a feel for it. There is no lining and the cotton is uncharacteristically hard. It feels as if it needs to be thrown in the wash a few times. Not a great first impression.

  7. oxford cloth button down says:

    Lennart – Those all sound like solid choices especially the Bedale!

  8. MostlyTrad says:

    I have owned the Black Watch jacket for a couple seasons. It has performed very well so far, the cotton is a fairly heavy twill (it will soften a bit) which I prefer and Black Watch looks great with khakis. More classic than neo-prep, I think you will enjoy it also. Especially for the price!

  9. Tom says:

    Was looking through an old Free & Easy magazine from November 2011 and there’s a black watch G9 much like the LE one you picked up.

  10. Lennart says:

    Jerrod, Thanks! 🙂

    Not much action for the Bedale yet due to unusually warm September. Bermudas still in use after office hours, not usual this time of the year around here.

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