The Black Watch Harrington Jacket

I think that I picked up this Black Watch Harrington or Baracuta style jacket about a year ago from Lands’ End. I didn’t like it much then and may have worn it once that season. Fast forward to now and I have been worn it at least 5 times in the last three weeks.


What I didn’t like about this jacket is that the construction and finish (I especially dislike the way the zipper is finished) is lacking but mostly I didn’t like the muted patten. It looked muddy. It all blended together. However, the jacket was cheap. I don’t think that I paid more than $40 for it and I probably paid less. The point is that even though I didn’t love the jacket it wasn’t worth returning. Maybe I will like it in the future?


The future is now ¬†and past me made a good call. I needed a light rain jacket the other day and I didn’t want to wear my Kelly green Baracuta so I grabbed this one. The pattern seemed less muted than I remembered. The pattern seemed to strike a nice balance between muted and overwhelming. It was easy to wear and comfortable.


There is no real point to this post. Perhaps it could be to consider a Black Watch jacket for yourself or sometimes miss picks work out in the end? Pick whichever is the most useful for you. I am just glad that it worked out between past and future me.

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4 Comments on "The Black Watch Harrington Jacket"

  1. James says:

    I get the point about the muted pattern, however, the jacket goes well with the blue and white university stripe OCBD you’re wearing. Sometimes it’s nice to have a jacket you don’t care that much about, to just throw on for an errand, you get used to it and end up liking it a lot, despite your first impressions about it.

  2. Jon DiBenedetto says:

    I think it looks good!

  3. gordon says:

    It reminds me of Black Watch tartan. Its smart & discreet.
    I wish you had a “subscribe” link. Any possibility ?
    Gordon (one of the very few followers of Ivy League & Doowop in SW France)

  4. oxford cloth button down says:

    Gordon – Looking at making this site mobile friendly. Will visit the subscription idea then. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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