Brooks Still Sells 3/2 Roll Sack Sport Coats

I almost didn’t include Brooks Brothers on the best trad clothing stores post last week. The reason being that they don’t offer any sack cuts with a 3/2 roll minus that one blazer. It turns out that I was wrong.

Before I excluded Brooks from last week’s post I thought that I might as well at least visit the site to confirm. There I found two 3/2 roll sack tweed sport coats. I was impressed which is a little sad to say, but it’s still encouraging. Something is almost always better than nothing.

Grey 3/2 Roll Tweed Jacket

Black & White 3/2 roll BrooksTweed Sport Coat – $498

The first thing that actually caught my eye about these jackets was the name. I noticed that Brooks is using the BrooksTweed label. BrooksTweed is described as, “a unique blend of Scotland’s soft Shetland and rugged cheviot wools.” I didn’t think that they used this term lately but on the site there are other BrooksTweeds on sale so presumably they are from the previous season. Regardless I like the term just like I like the BrooksFlannel labels (I have a few cool vintage ones to share soon). Note not all BrooksTweeds are 3/2 roll sacks.
Brown Brooks Brothers Tweed Sport Coat

Brown Herringbone BrooksTweed 3/2 roll Sack Sports Coat – $498

I thought the tweeds above were great. The colors are versatile and classic. The black and white may be as close to timeless as one can get. I prefer it to the brown as the brown reads a little warm for my taste, but I may change my mind if I saw it paired with khaki chinos. The price ($498) is not bad. I wish they had patch pockets, but like I said these are encouraging to see. There is no hook vent but it is in the center and there are swelled edges. Finally, they are made up in their Regent fit which is somewhere between the classic fit of the Madison and the very slim Milano fit.

In the end it turns out that Brooks Brothers still sells 3/2 roll sack sport coats. They even look nice and are fairly priced. Overall this is a positive sign from Brooks to know that they have not completely written off the sack style. Maybe just maybe I will check their site more frequently and maybe they will have stuff like this more frequently.

oxford cloth button down
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10 Comments on "Brooks Still Sells 3/2 Roll Sack Sport Coats"

  1. HerrDavid says:

    Wow, thanks for this, OCDB! I somehow missed these when I perused BB’s jacket offerings earlier in the season. It’s great to see the Regent fit with a 3/2 roll and center vent (IIRC, Regent used to be exclusively double-vented, a no-go for me). Eases the sting — considerably! — of loosing the Fitzgerald line of jackets, which had excellent shoulders (leaps and bounds better Cohen-made Press, for example) and fit me off the rack without any alterations needed. I’ll definitely give the brown herringbone a try the next time a BB sale rolls around.

  2. Tucker says:

    Several of their “Own Make” sport coats are legitimate 3-2 sacks, made in the USA, and on sale right now.

  3. JoelVau says:

    I would only add that any clothier which does not offer a traditional fit routinely, which does not, according to their help line, even make a traditional fit trouser any longer, is not trad preppy, ivy or whatever. Brooks was touted in the original Preppy Handbook as even still offering stocking caps, but now they do not even make slacks to fit their lifeling customers. The casual clothier Duluth, has pants they humourously call ballroom. Brooks should take notice and stop catering only to the stick men.

  4. Johnny Utah says:

    FYI I just picked up a BrooksCool suit in Regent fit for 50% off. It has a center vent, but standard 2 button front.

  5. NCJack says:

    That top photo is THE worst advertisement for a 3/2 sack. They are the antithesis of the trendy too tight/too short.

  6. Justin Barr says:

    Trying to figure out if that black and white tweed sportscoat
    on that bearded character is one size too
    small or two sizes.

  7. Kenny says:

    The Brown herringbone is a whopping £530 in the UK. The prices charged by BB’s London franchise are a total rip-off. Based on current exchange rates, Brits pay over 40% more than Americans for the same garments. Add in the appalling customer service in the Regent Street store and it’s a mystery why anyone shops there.

  8. JC says:

    Just ordered one last month. Way too short. Made in Thailand. Fabric was ok. Looks better in the pictures on the Brooks website. Sad!

    Hope you’re enjoying Columbus.

  9. Charlottesville says:

    The tweeds look nice, and I agree that seeing a 3/2 sack coat at Brooks is encouraging. However, I have to concur with those above who say that they look too short and tight for all but the trimmest customer. I saw a seersucker version of the Regent 3/2 sack in a Washington, DC Brooks a couple of months ago and thought it looked good on the hanger, but didn’t try it on. I still think that J. Press is the way to go, if you can catch one of their excellent periodic sales.

  10. EVAN EVERHART says:

    I (to echo what many of the other gentlemen above have said) also think that those jackets look a tad short, I would suggest perhaps that a next length up might prove efficacious in resolving that particular item of contention regarding the fit of the above jackets. However, the gorge also appears to be a bit strange, though this might also be attributable to the same item of fit. The collars/gorge flare around the neck, and are too tight at the fastening. I would also say that the gorge is too high. Once again, this may be resolved by going up a length. Perhaps Brooks should do as O’Connell’s typically does, and suggest moving up or down a length, or informing prospective customers if the fit of the item is excessively tight or loose for this run, or season.

    The jackets would also not look so ridiculously short if the men wearing them were instead wearing trousers of the proper rise. I’d say that those, high gorge aside, look to be only about an inch to an inch and a half off in length from my late 50s/early 60s Brooks suits and jackets, which of course had very high rise trousers. All proportions must be adjusted, if any are adjusted, in a suit, or else you get the “Little Sister Suit”, which we see everywhere today.

    Anyway, thanks for Sharing! It is also highly heartening that they are selling sack cut sport coats, even if they are a bit short! If only they’d post them as sacks, instead of not doing so, as I’ve never seen these despite regularly typing in “sack cut” as my primary search parameter on their site, so that I can ogle their only sack cut blazer.

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