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Summer Reading: Fun Edition

I am an avid reader; I mostly enjoy literature (not to sound pretentious), but sometimes I need something a bit less dense and that is when I generally turn to magazines or blogs. However, there are times when even my magazines and blogs aren’t quite fun enough. During these times I find refuge in tumblr . Some tumblrs are like typical blogs,  but the ones that I am talking about here are almost 100% strictly images. There is nothing more satisfying (in a self -indulgence kind of way) than spending an hour looking at page after page of trad, ivy, and preppy fantasy. I have decided to share some of my current favorites in case anyone out there has a similar urge that they need to fulfill.


  1. Ivy Inspired– This is one of my very favorite tumblrs. The content of this site truly reflects the “Ivy Inspired” name. The young man that runs this tumblr is a high school senior and I wish I were as cool as he must be when I was his age. I highly recommend that you take a look at this site.
    Ivy Inspired Tumblr
  2. Muffy Aldrich– First off, if you don’t read Muffy Aldrich’s The Daily Prep you should. Her blog truly captures the essence of the trad lifestyle and all that it entails. Muffy now operates a tumblr as well. This is essential material for anyone who is trying to understand the trad lifestyle.
    Muffy Aldrich Tumblr
  3.  The Handbook Authority – This tumblr is new to me, but I have to say that I have really enjoyed it so far. To give you an idea about the content of this site I have included an excerpt from the “about” page:  “Proud Hoosier conservative old-school-Preppy working on the Hill. Prep school and private college grad. Prep is an adjective, Preppy is a noun.” As of now, I am a fan.
    The Handbook tumblr
  4. Prepfection – I love Prepfection. I do not comment on women’s style, but I am very interested in it. I am also interested in women’s view on mens style. The Prepfection tumblr offers insight to both from the perspective of a charming young woman named Stephanie (@prepfection).
    Prepfection Tumblr
  5.  Anyone out there have a recommendation? Please comment or send me an email.

I hope that these tumblrs help you to fill the lazy days of summer. When you have had too many cocktails and your book is getting hard to follow, the kids are too noisy at the pool to read, or you simply just need to escape turn to one of these tumblrs and enjoy.

A Great American Family: The Evans of Colorado

John and John Evans III

It is time for another Great American Family post. My other Great American Family posts have primarily focused on families from the eastern seaboard. However, in this post I will be venturing out of New England and heading west to talk about the Evans of Colorado.

Gov John EvansGov John Evans (1814-1897)

It all begins with Governor John Evans. Evans was a successful man before he moved to Colorado. He was a doctor turned public servant that had made his fortune in the railroad and real estate industries. He helped found Northwestern University (and later Denver University) and Evanston, IL was named in his honor. Due to the political connections that he gained through his successful business career, Evans was appointed governor of the Colorado Territory in 1862 by President Lincoln. Evans went west to Colorado, enjoyed the gold rush era of the west, but stayed afterwards using his knowledge of railroads to help Denver become a prosperous city.

Denver banker John Evans Sr.and wife GladysDenver banker John Evans II and wife Gladys.

Denver bankerJohn Evans Sr. at MeetingDenver banker John Evans II at a Federal Reserve Board meeting.

A Neo-Spanish home of Denver banker John Evans Sr.A Neo-Spanish home of Denver banker John Evans II.

The “other” John Evans have kept their family’s legacy alive. Evans’ grandson, John Evans II was educated at MIT. He served as a captain in the U.S. Army and was the Provost Marshall of Colorado. He went on to become the president of the Evans International Company and the president of the Colorado National Bank.  Evans’ great-grandson, John Evans III graduated from Princeton, served on the board of trustees at the University of Denver, and was president of the Evans Investment Company as well as an active realtor. The Evans family and their “Johns” through their business and civic contributions have helped to shape the city of Denver and the state of Colorado.

John Evans Jr. (C), at commencement exercises of Univ of Denver.John Evans III. (C), at commencement exercises of University of Denver.

John Evans Jr. (C), at Denver Univ1John Evans III at Denver University.

There have been other notable Evans not named John. Anne Evans was the daughter of Governor John Evans. She dedicated her life to art, philanthropy, and her family. She was vice president and director of the Evans Investment Company. One of her most famous philanthropic efforts was co-founding Central City’s summer art’s festival and restoring the Central City Opera House. The new generation of Evans such as John Alice Evans Moore, her husband Hudson Moore Jr., and brother-in-law Frank Freyer continue in the family tradition of civic and business engagement in Denver.

Central City opera house.Opening night crowd going into the Central City opera house.

Hudson Moore Jr. and family, at their home.Part of the Evans family, Hudson Moore Jr. and family, at their home.

Hudson Moore Jr., at water project near Dillon, west of DenverHudson Moore Jr., at water project near Dillon, west of Denver.

Madras Madness

PRL Pink Plaid Close up

Summer is now in full swing and I thought it was time for a madras post. The word madras conjures up images of lightweight cotton shirts woven in brightly colored plaids. However, it is not the type of plaid (or plaid at all) or the use of primary colors that makes a shirt an authentic madras, but rather where the shirt was produced. Madras are named for the region (now Chennai, India) where they were originally handspun. The cotton used to create madras cloth is very light weight and breathes well making it the perfect choice for hot weather. The plaid patterns associated with madras are said to be an influence left by the Scottish after their occupation of southern India during the 1800’s. I am not sure how strictly the term madras is enforced when applying it to clothing, but if I had to guess I would say that it is not very strict.

PRLMadras2.jpgPRL Madras

PRL Pink Plaid Close upI picked up four madras shirts last year. I thought that my “uniform” could use a little color since I would be without my sweaters during the summer. I purchased three brightly colored madras shirts and one not-as-bright in blue plaid. I even went wild and got a madras “fun shirt” (more on fun shirts from Heavy Tweed Jacket). They have turned a few heads as my co-workers and the familiar strangers that I encounter on a daily basis are used to my blue OCBDs. I have to admit that this makes them kind of fun.

PRL Madras Fun shirt 2PRL “Fun shirt”

PRL Fun ShirtPRL “Fun Shirt”Fun shirt part 1

Fun Shirt Part 2

Two of my madras shirts are Polo Ralph Lauren (PRL). I generally avoid wearing shirts with icons (so I generally avoid PRL) which is why I was so excited when I found these. Not only is the emblem absent on these shirts, but they also feature the highly desirable flap pocket. To top it off they were made in India which adds to their authenticity. I purchased one in a traditional pink plaid and the other features multiple summer plaids placed together “fun shirt” style. I have received quite a few compliments on the pink shirt. I have yet to wear the “fun shirt”. It could end up being a vacation shirt. Not only does it draw more attention that I am used to, but I have not had it altered yet.  Being that these are sports shirts and are not sized in the neck and sleeve length they needed a trip to the tailor.

J.Crew MadrasJ.Crew Madras

J.Crew Madras Close-upThe other two shirts are J.Crew.  While I have not found J.Crew shirts to be the best choice for office attire I do think that they make great casual wear. The two madras shirts that I picked up from them will actually work for both.  I found a blue/green plaid one which is great for when I don’t to be so loud.  It has a nice picnic vibe and a flap pocket. The other madras has a plaid that features hot pink and lime green. However, the colors do not look nearly as bold as they sound. The rest of the plaid pattern calms these colors and it creates a very nice plaid in my opinion.  These two were sports shirts as well and I had to have the sleeves shortened.

J.Crew Madras BlueJ. Crew Madras

J.Crew Madras Blue upcloseThe madras that I purchased last year have already came in handy this summer. My casual Friday’s have been a bit more colorful and the hot weather has not been quite as hot. I would have to say that the J.Crew madras have been my favorite. This is mostly due to fit. I purchased a medium (in dress shirts I am a 14.5/32) in all four shirts, but the j.Crew has more room in the shoulders. Although, I am not sure that these shirts can be considered authentic madras, but they are colorful and cool which is probably more important. With all that being said, let madras madness begin!

Carriage Houses

Carriage House Apt

When I first moved into my new apartment I was simply amazed by the homes around me. First, I was in awe of their impressive size. Next, it was the detailing in the stone or brickwork that I was most interested in. Lately, I have been obsessed with their garages. However, these garages were not made for cars, but rather horse and carriage. Like many of the homes in my neighborhood some of them are well maintained and other have seen better days. They no longer contain carriages, but are now apartments, garages, or administrative buildings. No matter what they are I appreciate that they are still here. I hope that you enjoy the pictures!


First Carriage HouseA vacant, but cool carriage house.

Carriage House AptA splendid looking apartment building.

Second Carrige HouseOne of my favorites. It used to have offices in it at one point. I am not sure if it still does.

Third Carriage House

Carriage House in the WoodsCurrently an apartment hidden in the woods behind a large home that is now an apartment building.

Fourth Carriage HouseA beautiful carriage house awaiting restoration.Fifth Carraige Houses

Sixth Carriage HousesThe carriage house of a mansion turned funeral home.

Carriage house new

The front of the Carriage house.

Carriage House DetailsMore detailing than most of the carriage houses.

Eigth Carriage HouseOne that is still a garage today.