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For the Love of Ties

I can’t get enough of ties. I can spend hours online looking through page after page of regimentals, foulards, and ancient madders. I find the colors, patterns, and textures intoxicating. They are the only item that I continue to thrift for because of the high ROI. They are how I express myself. Long live the tie.
tumblr_nvapc4kYLh1ttpazyo1_1280Tie (4)tumblr_nv7lvoSkJF1ttpazyo1_1280003 (2)Repp Tietumblr_nt94et03vn1ttpazyo1_1280Batwing bow tieGreen Brown Tietumblr_nsxk8bRKwH1ttpazyo1_1280RedBlue Tie
Neats and BlazerThursday TieDiamond Point Bow tieTie (2)029Blackwatch TieNeats and Tweedtumblr_nu2rhnwuY01ttpazyo1_1280Duck Tietumblr_nqkazdVSdJ1ttpazyo1_1280tumblr_ntnu6cfFy11ttpazyo1_1280tumblr_nrchj7ty9y1ttpazyo1_1280


J.Press Gets Modern

As you can tell from my last few posts I have been keeping a watchful eye on F/W 15 releases. This is something that you must do when your size is either produced in limited numbers or is very common. Mine is the former, and I am in the market for a sport coat.
J.Press Modern Fit
I was browsing the Press site when I noticed a new fit name called, “modern.” The name was appended to a nice looking rust colored Donegal sport coat featured above (link to sport coat). At first I imagined that modern simply meant slimmer and shorter. While I am sure that this is true the most interesting aspect of the modern fit is that there is no vent.

Why no vent? I have seen many jackets without a vent so it is not a complete shock. I personally associate vent-less jackets with the ‘80s, but they have been around long before that and are probably more commonly associated with formal coats such as dinner jackets. However, neither of these associations are particularly modern, but the vent-less jacket does have one association that could be viewed as modern and that is the Continental look. Perhaps this was their inspiration.

I doubt that any one reading this was shocked by the title. If anything, they were probably wondering which modern move it is that I was referring. It will be interesting to see if this fit stays around or if it will be gone next season. Maybe this is part of the new J.Press Blue Line (see here)?

United States of Trad: Julian Bond

It has been too long since my last United States of Trad post. This edition of UST features Julian Bond who recently passed away. Bond was a civil rights activist, member of the Georgia Senate, and subscriber to the Ivy League Look for many years.
Julian Bond Julian Bond will be remembered by most as a civil rights icon, but many in menswear circles will also remember him as any Ivy style icon. The image of Mr. Bond in his tweed jacket, Shetland sweater, and his OCBD peeking out from beneath is iconic. This is a picture is frequently pops up when someone is trying to illustrate the cool side of the Ivy League Look.

Postscript: Julian Bond (1940-2015) | The New Yorker
Julian Bond Julian Bond 3 piece suit

Julian Bond | Bond Papers Project

Julian Bond - New Georgia Encyclopedia

Julian Bond's 'Time to Teach': An Interview with Jeanne Theoharis - AAIHS

Mr. Bond contributed a lot to both society and the Ivy League Look. Although he moved away from the look later in his career he continued to be a sharp dresser. I can forgive him for that transgression as he like Miles Davis and Steven McQueen helped many see that there is a cool side to the look.

You can read more about Julian Bond’s life here: NYT Julian Bond Obituary

Dream Draft Wardrobe

It seems like everyone in the world around me is prepping for their fantasy football draft. Since I do not play fantasy football or even follow sports (, but I do love to play them all!) I thought that I would do my own fantasy draft of sport coats and blazers. Below I have listed my dream fall/winter sport coats and blazers.

  1. Worsted Navy Blazer
  2. Flannel Navy Blazer
  3. Mid-grey Herringbone Wool or Tweed
  4. Brown Herringbone Wool or Tweed
  5. Camel Hair
  6. Brown District/Gun Check
  7. Olive Cord

I think that I would be content for the rest of my days with jackets listed above. I prefer solid jackets, because they can be worn more frequently without being noticed. I do the same thing with my shirts and sweaters. It makes getting ready in the morning easy. I have also noticed that it allows my clothes to fade into the background which in my opinion is where they belong.

While the list above is a dream I am working towards making it a reality. This means no adding thrift store jackets that aren’t on the list, purging my small closet of items that don’t fit the list, and perhaps getting to that MTM sport coat that I have been putting off in hopes of finding one at a thrift store or OTR. The journey continues.