The Real Shaggy Dog

This week I tackle the authenticity of another Trad classic; the Shaggy Dog. Now we may have come to know the Shaggy Dog as a brushed Shetland sweater from J.Press, but these pictures I found online make me question the origin of the Shaggy Dog. Perhaps the name Shaggy Dog has nothing to do with the resemblance of the brushed wool to a shaggy dog’s coat at all, but instead is named after a stylish Trad dog like the dogs that J.Press caters to in Japan? J.Press Real Shaggy Dog J.Press Shaggy Puffy CoatIf you haven’t guessed by now I am only joking. After last week’s post I thought that it would be a good reminder for us all to remember that while there is nothing wrong with wanting to learn and understand the history of clothes it should be something that brings joy and not causes that causes duress. J.Press Shaggy Dog ClothesJ.Press Frisbee Obviously the scenario that I proposed in the opening paragraph was made up, but the images and products in this post are not a joke. It seems that Hannari the company that produces the J.Press line for dogs in Japan  has launched a US site. I will admit that many of these items seem fairly ridiculous to me, but I will also add that I  am not a dog owner either. If I were a dog owner (or a college kid)  I would definitely pick up the frisbee. You can checkout the complete Hannari J.Press Collection for Dogs here:

oxford cloth button down
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3 Comments on "The Real Shaggy Dog"

  1. David says:

    I am a dog owner, so I had to order the cricket jumper outfit for my pomeranian haha! Obviously tongue in cheek, but he will look very dapper at the dog park now. Thanks for the info!

  2. Andrew says:

    You are also raising the question of what breeds are the preppiest, appropriate as the Westminster Kennel Club show is coming up next week. The OPH claimed Sporting Group breeds, but also very preppy are the Terriers, owned by Presidents: Theodore Roosevelt, Bull Terrier; FDR, and GW Bush: Scottish; Wilson and Harding, Airedales; and JFK, Welsh Terrier.
    Nowadays a lot of prep guys have, in addition to the breeds above, Norwich or Norfolk Terriers, and some have Dandie Dinmonts and even a few Glen of Imaal Terriers.

  3. Hollywood Argyle says:

    This is what happen when women value their careers over marriage and family. I expect these clothes to be a hit with the rich and childless in the US, too.

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