Ivy League Humor, Japanese Proverbs, & Ties

I thought that I had seen pretty much every humorous emblematic tie out there. Sure there might be 1 or 2 that have escaped me, but I have a good overall understanding of what is out there, or at least I thought that I did until I found Basarahadehiko’s Instagram account.

Basarahadehiko’s Instagram is where I learned that the Japanese have their own kind of novelty emblematic tie. These ties are based on Japanese proverbs. While many of the proverbs are well known others are uniquely Japanese, but the medium remains very American. The Ivy Style  inspiration is not limited to it being a tie, but also in the choice of animals, colors, and materials which adds to its charm.
Japanese Proverb TieJapanese Hare Proverb TieSaki TieHunting CurryWhen I asked about the origin of these ties I was stunned at the response. These ties were made primarily by J.Press and Brooks Brothers. I never knew. Humorous emblematic ties are nothing new to the Trad world (see Ivy League Humor) and neither is the Japanese interest in Trad, but this I had never seen or even heard about.

I have included a few samples of Basarahadehiko’s ties along with proverb in this post. This is only a small sampling. I encourage you to visit the Instagram account to see more.

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2 Comments on "Ivy League Humor, Japanese Proverbs, & Ties"

  1. Andrew says:

    You might want to look also at Chipp NY ties. In addition to many prep types of ties, and novelty (including off-color joke) ties, they also make a huge selection of specific dog breed ties. Many of these might be considered OCBD, such as Terrier and Sporting group breeds. The price is right at $42.

  2. Spin says:

    This is fantastic, thank you for posting! I think it’s interesting that the weaving of these emblematics seem to be tighter and more detailed than most that you see today.

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