Summer Jacket: Uniqlo Premium Linen Jacket

Uniqlo Linen Jacket

The weather is finally warming it up and as a result my lack of warm weather jackets is becoming painfully obvious. Due to budgetary restraints I decided that a very casual cotton or linen summer jacket will be the place to begin. The reason I started with the casual Uniqlo Linen Jacket jacket is that they have a soft construction/shoulder by design and even better they are widely produced, which means that I may be able to stray the Brooks Brothers, J.Press, O’Connell’s path and find one on the cheap.

I did manage to stray from the establishments of Tradsville and ended up far from home at Uniqlo. I was on H&M’s site looking at linen jackets, not seeing much that I liked, and through some type of psychological brand association I ended up on the Uniqlo site. After navigating to the blazer section, I was immediately attracted to the shape of their jackets. I loved them. They reminded me of the vintage Brooks Brothers sack illustrations that I recently posted. So much so, that I can’t imagine that the classic sack jacket wans’t the inspiration for the design of these jackets or at least the shoulders. I was hooked.


Uniqlo Sport Coat

Uniqlo Premium Linen Jacket

Spring 1980 Madras

Vintage Brooks Brothers Madras Image

I purchased the Premium Linen jacket in blue mini-herringbone for $69.99. It is darted, with a 3/2 roll, and a very natural shoulder. I ordered a small which to my surprise fits a lot like a 37R. The jacket matches up with the measurements available online, but for some reason I expected it to show up fitting like a 36XS. I take my hat off to Uniqlo for fighting the urge to make small mean xs.

Uniqlo Linen Jacket

Like all off the rack clothing there are going to be a few issues. This jacket needs one, maybe two alterations. The sleeves need to be shortened (cheating in the pic) and the jacket could benefit from some waist suppression. Neither of these issues reflects poorly on the jacket. Unfortunately, it is just a touch long for me which may seal its fate.

0101Seasonal Tie/Jacket combo.

If you are looking for a cheap summer jacket Uniqlo is worth checking out. This jacket has a great sack shape even though it is darted. It does have 3/2 roll, even if there is not much of a roll, but to be fair, I have said the same thing about a newer 3/2 roll from Brooks Brothers. I am not an expert on construction or material, but if had to take a guess on the quality of this jacket which I would base on price point and I would say that it is of pretty mediocre construction. Nonetheless, this is a well-shaped and well-priced jacket. I am not sure if I will keep or return my jacket due to the length, but I can tell you that I really want to keep it.

*The Premium Linen jacket appears to have very limited availability. However, the linen cotton jacket has a great shape, too, just minus the 3/2 roll. See below.

Uniqlo Navy Linen Cotton Jacket

Uniqlo Linen Cotton jacket in Navy (more colors available)

oxford cloth button down
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10 Comments on "Summer Jacket: Uniqlo Premium Linen Jacket"

  1. Halby says:

    Lookin’ good man. I have to get the sleeves on mine shortened too but otherwise, it’s treated me very well. This jacket plus their recent push of OCBD’s makes me think someone on their design team must be a former Ralph Lauren employee.

  2. MHJ says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Uniqlo. I just ordered the navy linen cotton jacket. The measurements look spot-on for my 46R body, however, I find the items from more youth oriented companies can still be tight fitting so I’m hoping it works out. I’ve my eyes open for a low priced summer jacket for some time now.

  3. Ernest A says:

    These jackets also caught my attention. I will probably get one now that you have given your seal of approval 😉

  4. HerrDavid says:

    I was inspired by your post over at AAAC to check out one of the Uniqlo stores in Manhattan. I was pleasantly to find a navy version of the premium linen jacket (complete with 3/2 lapel). (Surprised because navy wasn’t one of available colors when I checked the website initially.) The SM fit great with one exception: the armholes. On the SM I bought the armholes are rather low and make things look awkward if I don’t have my arms at my side. I might have to bring it back. How are the armholes on yours?

  5. oxford cloth button down says:

    Thanks for all the comments guys! Herr David, I can’t say that the armholes caught my attention. I will have to check them out.

  6. MHJ says:

    My cotton linen jacket arrived yesterday and the fit was perfect, just the sleeves need to be shortened. The cost of that is almost as much as the jacket but it’s still a deal for a nice jacket under $100.

  7. oxford cloth button down says:

    MHJ – Glad to hear it! I saw that navy one. It looked really nice. I think that the color would have worked better than this one one me. Too bad it’s sold out.

  8. hardline_42 says:

    Ox, I just pulled the trigger on a navy linen/cotton blazer based on your AAAC comment that a small fits like a 38S, which is my usual size. I just read here that it’s more like a 37R. Now I’m nervous. What did I get myself into?

  9. oxford cloth button down says:

    Hardline 42 – I am sorry for the inconsistency. Even worse is that the linen cotton is a little smaller than the premium cotton one. I would measure mine if it were next to me, but the site says it is 28.7 BOC, 17.3 Shoulders, 21.9 in the body. The linen cotton is 27.5 BOC, 17.5 Shoulders 21.5 Body. Let me know how it turns out!

  10. hardline_42 says:

    The UNIQLO blazer was not a success. The size small was too short (which, at only 5′-3,” is quite an accomplishment on my frame), the sleeves way too long, the chest too tight and the shoulders just right. I would’ve thought about keeping it but there aren’t any seam allowances anywhere for alterations and shortening the sleeves alone would have approached the cost of the jacket (sleeve alterations become much more expensive once buttons have to be relocated). Otherwise, it was exactly what I expected. Light, unlined and completely unpadded, even in the shoulders. It’s a great summer knockaround jacket for those who can wear it.

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