Art, Ads, and Classic Style

In my spare time I enjoy watching old movies, looking through vintage yearbooks and magazines all to catch a glimpse of classic style in action. While these sources often contain wonderful examples of classic style there are other types of images that I enjoy equally if not more than film and photographs and those are illustrations, drawings, and paintings. Whether it is an old Norma Hilton ad, artwork from the Saturday Evening Post or the work of a contemporary Japan graphic illustrator there is just something about them, and that something is their ability to capture time, emotion, style and to communicate all that in a way that borders on the fantastic. I have included a handful of images below. I hope that you enjoy them.

Hiroshi Watatani Illustration

Illustration by Hiroshi Watatani (more illustrations and info here ). Also, I aspire to look like this.Date With The Television, art by John Falter.  Detail from Saturday Evening Post cover April 21, 1956.

Date With The Television by John Phillip Falter  from the Saturday Evening PostNorman Hilton Ad

Vintage Norman Hilton AdYuppie Handbook 2The Yuppie Handbook: The State-of-the Art Manual for Young Urban Professionals

Ivy Man and Beautiful GirlPrize Pupil — unsigned paperback cover art, 1966Sears Catalog

Sears Roebuck and Co. CatalogSir Alfred Munnings

Alfred James Munnings Portrait (Story here)Trad & Ivy Romance paintings by Jack VettrianoJack Vettriano Jive (Study)

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