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The once mythical Allen Edmonds Shoe Bank where deals were rumored to be unparalleled has now transcended trad lore and manifested itself as a website ( I first became aware of the Shoe Bank from an employee at the Allen Edmonds factor outlet not too far from my home. I was looking for a discontinued style and the employee said they would look at the Shoe Bank for it. While they didn’t Allen Edmonds Shoe Bankhave the shoe the employee had the Shoe Bank send me a list of everything that they had in my size. My eyes where opened.

The original Shoe Bank was a retail store located in Wisconsin where factory seconds, discontinued, and closeout styles were sold. This is where the legend originated. Visiting the physical store in Wisconsin was not the only to get access to this stock. Prior to the new website emailing the Shoe Bank was how us trads accessed the stock from afar.

The new Shoe Bank site also functions as online factory outlet.  I have always felt lucky to have Allen Edmonds factory store near me. They primarily sell seconds with the occasional closeouts and discontinued styles mixed in. 99% of the time I have not been able to identify why the shoes are labeled seconds which speaks to the standards that Allen Edmonds has in place.
My Allen Edmonds Shoes                                                                    A pair of my Allen Edmonds seconds

At first I was a bit unconcerned that this new website would lead to a depletion of stock. However, the fact the new site is not an e-commerce site made me feel a little better. This means that there is still some leg work that is required customers which may deter a few would-be customers. If you see something in your size that you want I would encourage to act quickly before someone else does.

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4 Comments on "PSA: Allend Edmonds Shoe Bank Website"

  1. Alan Gray says:

    It looks as though you are tying your laces in a granny knot that’s unbalanced. Let Ian Fieggen show you how to do it right:

  2. oxford cloth button down says:

    Thanks Alan. I will have to look into that..

  3. Edward says:

    Thanks for this useful post. Though you can’t purchase shoes directly from the website, is it safe to assume that you can call a store and request that the shoes be shipped to you? The website leaves you with the impression that such an approach is possible.

  4. oxford cloth button down says:

    Edward – Glad the post was helpful. You are correct, you can contact the outlet store which they have info for on the site. Hope you find something good!

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