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Uncle Ralph’s Striped Sweater

It is no secret that I have an affinity for regimental striped garments. It is also no secret that I enjoy a good sweater. So when I saw this Argyll and Sutherland inspired regimental sweater from Ralph Lauren it was love at first sight.
Ralph Lauren Striped Sweater                                                                    PRL Striped Wool Sweater – $185

I am not alone in my admiration for a striped sweater. The moment I saw the Ralph Lauren Sweater I was reminded of this picture (see here) of American lawyer, diplomat, and soon to be subject of the United States Trad series (Past subjects include: George Bush, RFK, Ted Sorensen, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan) John Bolton. I am not sure that this sweater is the perfect striped sweater for me, but I definitely thought it was worth highlighting. I also wanted to give Uncle Ralph (word to Trip English) a shout out for keeping it logo free. We appreciate that Ralph.