The United States of Trad: George Bush

GHWB & Family at the White House

I have until this point and will continue to keep this blog apolitical. However, politics, in particular American politics is a great place to observe traditional dress. With that being said, I will begin to feature politicians from the past and present regardless of which side of the aisle they find themselves as long as they find themselves appropriately dressed.

For my first venture into politics I bring you George Herbert Walker Bush. It turns out that besides being the 41st President of the United States, 43rd Vice President, a congressman, ambassador and the Director of the CIA President Bush was and still is a faithful Trad.  This should come of no surprise as he was born in Massachusetts lived in Connecticut attended the Phillips Academy in Andover and is a well-known Yalie (and Skull & Bones member). I now present President Bush, perhaps the last president to grace the Oval Office in 3/2 sack suit.

GWHB as a childA very young Bush.

GHWB  & Family at the White HouseA Trad family.

GHWB YaleSkull & Bones 1947. Can you spot him?

GHWB on themoveOn the move.

GWBH on the campaignOn the campaign trail.

80's GHWB

President Bush and Colleagues 1990

GWHB in a poseNote the watchband.

GHWB hands in pocket poseLooking cool.

Elderly GHWB with familySporting light blue pants.

GHWB in motif belt playing golfSee the motif belt.

oxford cloth button down
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2 Comments on "The United States of Trad: George Bush"

  1. Dutch Uncle says:

    I think that President Obama would look great in an Oxford cloth buttondown shirt, a navy blazer, etc., but apparently he’s afraid to associate himself with the Ivy look

  2. Michael says:

    I doubt very much that Obama is “afraid to associate himself with the Ivy look. Obama’s from a different generation, and it would look silly and affected on him. Both presidents perfectly embody their sartorial age, and this look was fantastic on Bush I.

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