Sweater Check 1, 2


Summer isn’t even over and I have already dipped into my cedar chest for a Shetland. While I was fishing out my Shetland I decided to take inventory before I let the season get ahead of me (as it almost always does). I generally purchase one new sweater each fall and I knew that I needed to get a better sense of where the holes are in my collection before placing an order. Below are pictures of my current lineup.
Salmon Spirit of Shetland
Burgundy Shaggy SweaterGreen Shaggy Shetland
Light Blue Brooks Brother Shetland SweaterLight Grey J.Crew Lambswool sweaterNavy Lambswool SweaterNavy Shawl Collar SweaterOatmeal Shetland Sweater
Light Grey J.Crew Lambswool sweaterCharcoal Cable Knit SweaterMid Grey Lambswool SweaterNavy and Burgundy Birds Eye SweaterIrish Fisherman Aran Sweater

The results are in and this year’s color selection is charcoal. I missed out on purchasing a sweater last year when Brooks Brothers decided to add logos to their Shetlands and I didn’t have quite enough scratch for one from O’Connell’s Clothing, but this year I have a store credit or two to put to good use and I am looking forward to doing so.

oxford cloth button down
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12 Comments on "Sweater Check 1, 2"

  1. HerrDavid says:

    Can’t wait to see your O’Connell’s shetland! I had one on my Christmas list last year, but Santa brought me Rancourt Ranger Mocs instead. (Not that I’m complaining.) Maybe I’ll have to take the plunge myself this year. Choosing a color will not be easy . . .

  2. GenuineWeejun says:

    First, let me inform you that this is my favorite blog, and this is another great post. I was wondering if you could inform where the different shetlands are purchased? Is the green one a Shaggy Dog?

  3. oxford cloth button down says:

    HerrDavid – Thanks, I am excited too! If I had to pick chose between the Rancourt and the Shetland I don’t which I would pick.

    GenuineWeejun – I appreciate the kind words. I have done my best to list the sweaters below.

    From the the top:

    Salmon Spirit of Shetland Shetland sweater

    Green Rugby Brushed Shetland

    Burgundy Rugby Brushed Shetland

    Light Blue Brooks Brothers Shetland

    Navy J.Crew Lambswool

    Navy J.Crew Lambswool Shawl collar

    Oatmeal Brooks Brothers Shetland

    Light Grey J.Crew Lambswool

    Charcoal Cable Knit Brooks Brothers Saxxon wool

    Grey Marl J,Crew Lambswool

    Navy & Burgundy Birdseye Brooks Brothers 346

    Handmade by my sister Irish Fisherman

  4. Erik says:

    Awesome collection there, very enviable. I always find myself getting too hot under wool sweaters, so I prefer the easier to care for (and cheaper…) cotton sweater. It’s not as nice, nor does it insulate as well, but I think it’s good under a sport coat and easier to wash and iron. But, I’m totally jealous of your set and wish I had a few more good wool sweaters.

  5. fred johnson says:

    For the money you can’t beat the shetlands from LLBean. OK, not Brooks, Press or O’Connells and not saddle shoulder and limited color range but a good fit at a very good price. I find their grey heather especially versatile.

  6. oxford cloth button down says:

    Erik – Thanks! I will say that I primarily use wool sweaters outerwear. I do wear them in the office when it gets cold, but to and from work is where the value is at for me.

    Fred – I agree with you on the value of Bean Shetlands. If there size small was not tent like on me. I would own a lot more and that goes for everything from Bean. I wish they would revisit there sizing someday soon.

  7. Joel says:

    Great post as always! I was wondering about where you might’ve gotten your hands on that Irish Fisherman sweater. Needless to say I was a little disappointed when I read that it was hand made by your sister– though that it super neat! It looks very well-made, and oh so cozy!

    Speaking of sweaters, this summer I was on the hunt for the perfect Cricket sweater, but I never ended up getting one. What are your views on Cricket sweaters? Have you ever thought about getting one?


  8. Mark Nail says:

    Great line-up. I didn’t see any holes to fill. I’d take your line-up and run with it!

  9. Alexander says:

    That’s a good collection indeed. The navy-burgundy birdseye sweater is especially awsome. Anyway, I like your blog. Greetings from across the Atlantic.
    Keep up your style and take care

  10. Ensiferous says:

    OCBD, you remain a valuable resource to us as such a dedicated consumer reporter.

    Many kudos to OCBD’s talented sister. What a great piece that Irish fisherman’s sweater is!

  11. Paul says:

    Nice collection OCBD. Have you tried on the O’Connell shetland? At 5’6-5’7, I’m nervous the sweater might droop all the way past my hips with extra room at the bottom. I usually wear a 36 or 38 sports coat.

  12. oxford cloth button down says:

    Ensiferous – Thank you You are far too kind!

    Paul – I do have an O’Connell’s Shetland, but have not reviewed it yet. I bought a 38 ( I wear a 37S in BB Madison fit) and I would call it a true small. It is a touch smaller than my BB Shetlands. I would say a 36 is an XS. I hope this helps!

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