Triple Patch Threat

Lately, I have been doing a lot less thrifting. It is not that I have lost any love for the thrift, but overtime I have learned that it does not have the best ROI for me. However, I did get my hands on the traddest of the trad blazers from a thrift run, just not my own (shout out to Preservation Thrift!).
Triple Patch Pocket DetailWhen I say, “traddest of the trad,” I am referring to the triple-patch pocket blazer. For those that are wondering what a patch pocket is. It is a lot like what it sounds like, a patch. Patch pockets are sewn on the outside of the garment rather than sewn between the shell and the lining. This gives the jacket a more casual look than jetted pockets.

The patch pocket on the chest is what makes this blazer special. While you may find patch pockets on the chest of very casual unstructured blazer à la the Keydge it is rare to see one on a business oriented blazer outside of traditional American style strongholds like J.Press or O’Connells.
Triple Patch Pocket BlazerThis specific blazer comes from Brooks Brothers University Shop line. I am not sure when the University Shop line was introduced and when it ceased to exist. I have heard that it existed from the 60s-70s, but I could not verify this. I would appreciate any insight that you Brooks aficionados can provide.

This post should inspire hope in all you thrifters. Even you weekend thrifters like me. While I have cut back on my time in the trenches this find illustrates that there are still treasures out there. Even treasures in my size.

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Jerrod Swanton is a simple man interested in simple, classic, and traditional style.

5 Comments on "Triple Patch Threat"

  1. Charlottesville says:

    Jerrod – What a terrific classic look, and you wear it well, with the higher-rise khakis and a sliver of pocket square peeking out. Outside of thrift stores, I think the triple patch 3/2 sack is nearly impossible to find without going custom. Nothing at O’Connell’s and what appears to be a discontinued, slim-fit model at the J. Press website, available in sizes 44 and 46 only. I currently own 4, 3-button blazers in various weights and stages of decrepitude, including 2 aging Brooks versions, and none has a patch breast pocket. Great find!

  2. oxford cloth button down says:

    Charlottesville – Thank you for the kind words. I am headed towards having a blazer collection like yours. You can never have too many navy blazers!

  3. Steve says:

    Jerrod, great post and thrift find. Seven blazers and counting for me, including 3 triple patch (one Brooks Makers, one Brooks 346 in wool/poly hopsack, and one Southwick). Agree that sack Blazers with triple patch are no longer available OTR.

    As I understand it, Brooks University Shop was rebranded as Brooksgate in the late 60s or early 70s. The 70s Brooksgate line runs the gamut from totally trad to not so trad, including darts and wider lapels. Neither Brooks University Shop nor Brooksgate was made in Brooks own workrooms. Both generally features slimmer cuts that favored a younger buyer.

    346 (prior to the line’s being resurrected for made for outlet store garments) was somewhere in between the above mentioned lines and the Makers line. More waist suppression, quality generally excellent but sometimes not quite on par with Makers (less hand work primarily). Some of my best Brooks thrifting/eBay finds have been old 346 pieces, including a 50s era boating blazer and a 40s or 50s OCBD.

  4. NaturalShoulder says:

    Truly a great find. I was fortunate enough to acquire a BB Makers triple patch blazer in flannel which was one of my grail items. May you get many years of good wear.

  5. Carmelo says:

    Triple patch 3/2 sack were the norm until late1940s.

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