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Mallard Cords

Commenter Fred Johnson got me thinking about all things ducks after last week’s tie post. So, I geared up, ventured out on the internet and went hunting. I know a place that almost always comes through, and this time was no exception.

I ventured over to a piece of PRL property with high hopes. I was not disappointed as our Uncle Ralph knows that we like our casual clobber covered in critters and he usually keeps his land stocked with a few. This season is no different. There are actually three different trousers that fit the bill. There are a pair of chinos with mallards (see here), a pair of slim jean style cords (see here) with pheasants (and hunters), and last, but not least a tasty pair of brown cords with both pheasants and mallards (see here).

All of these pants are priced between $145-165, but every hunter knows that a successful hunt is about understanding the virtue of patience and opportunity. For us this would be waiting for the perfect sale (they are all currently 25% off), but never forgetting that sometimes you only get one shot and you have to take it when it appears.

Mallard ChinosHunters on cords
More Brown Mallard CordsI can’t think of a better way to welcome fall than by breaking out a pair of these on a Saturday afternoon. Some must have pumpkin flavored something to feel the full effect of fall, but for us trads a piece of clothing embroidered with mallards is more our cup of tea.

oxford cloth button down
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7 Comments on "Duck Hunting"

  1. Roger C. Russell II says:

    I love the trad animal patterns that Ralph Lauren copies. I wish instead that these were not nostalgic pieces. I do like Ralph Lauren because the brand can be relied on to do exactly what you cited here. In fact, I have two sons, one 13 the other 11, and often times Ralph Lauren is the only brand I can find that offers acceptable clothing for them. However, I despise that overly worn out look some of their clothing has. Look at the wear on those chinos. I was involved with the clothing industry for a while and it is the industries joke on us. They present these pieces like they are selling us your old favorites. However, they are aware that the chemical wear they put on the clothing will cause it to break down really fast.

  2. Hollywood Argyle says:

    While not a fan of emblematic pants, I do enjoy these patterns on ties. In fact, today I’m wearing a Robert Talbott poplin (50/50 wool/silk) tie with geese. I have five or six such ties total, and the game animals include pheasants, other fowl, and mallards (my favorite). I also have a really great one with a turkey hunter—the turkey is holding a shotgun on its shoulder!

  3. Fred Johnson says:

    I fully agree with Hollywood: not a fan of emblematic pants.

  4. oxford cloth button down says:

    I will chime in and add that I don’t like emblematic pants on myself. However, I do enjoy on them on others.

    Hollywood – That is a great sounding turkey hunter!

  5. CAY says:

    Not sure why I think this, but the mallards and pheasants on brown corduroy are much better than whales.

  6. Fading Fast says:

    Cay, whales belong on blue hued pants to echo the ocean they swim in; whereas, mallards’ and pheasants’ natural habitat is green / brown earth and trees (and lakes, etc., but surrounded by green / brown). I’m not kidding, I think our minds subconsciously understand these consistencies or inconsistencies.

  7. CAY says:

    Fading Fast –

    Not sure I buy that argument. The birds do fly and the sky is blue, so presumably, they would be just as home on blue pants as on brown. I think it has more to do with the fact that I’ve always preferred the wooded environment over the beach and sea. Plus, I’d much rather wear a pair of dark brown cords over GTH pants, where the whales and Nantucket Isle icons seem to reside. I’ve never really felt all that comfortable in the louder colors.

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