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This popover talk continues this week on the blog. I found an image that illustrates my ideal popover placket length, a cool popover blog post, another Ivy Etsy shop, and I have a few pics of my popover from Target to share.
Sidney Poitier in Popover shritI have stated my preference for a shorter placket on popovers before. I prefer 3 buttons. I am aware that this stance is in the minority. I am okay with that, but that is probably why they are hide to find. I didn’t find an example for sale, but I did find this image of Sidney Poitier in one (on a blog that is new to me called Placid Style). I think this popover looks sporty and casual. Exactly what I want out of a popover.
iTarget Popover                                                                  Target Popover (above)

While the Placid Style blog is new to me the Placid Vintage Etsy store is not. I don’t thrift nearly as much as I used to, but I do use Esty to source some good deals. I primarily look for ties, but for those who wear a common there is a lot of good vintage Ivy stuff out there. This store has been a great resource for me. Add it to your list of places to look for vintage Ivy.

Last, but not least I have a few pics to share of my Target popover (Popover PSA). I thought might be helpful for those of you who are on the fence to see it in action. Overall I am satisfied. It is a touch smaller than I would like and the material is okay at best, but for $20 I have zero regrets. On the other hand the collar is much fuller than anticipated. I may even grab a backup.

Tune in nest week when I will probably talk about something other than popovers.

oxford cloth button down
Jerrod Swanton is a simple man interested in simple, classic, and traditional style.

6 Comments on "Popover Update & More"

  1. Roger Russell says:

    Jerrod, you look good in your shirt . I am glad it worked out for you. The proportions work for your physique and the collar looks substantial enough. I will have to say that it does not appear to be like any of the shirts from your earlier post. However, I may have misunderstood your selection. Since that post I have seen a few guys around town wearing that navy shirt with the red horizontal stripes. The navy shirt just described definitely does not have the same proportions or collar as the shirt you are wearing. I am guessing you would not like the fit at all. If you have been to The Gap or Old Navy I am sure you know the small collar I am trying to describe. Neither of those stores are favorites of mine, however I go there looking for striped surf T-shirts. I am really a big fan of the West Coast Surf Ivy look of the early 60’s.

  2. Biff says:

    If you had to choose the Target popover in blue or white which would you prefer ? Thanks , I will order one …

  3. oxford cloth button down says:

    Biff – I would choose the blue, because the material is more interesting. The white had some texture, but looked more like a poplin.

    Roger – Thanks! Interesting to hear that the collars differ based on pattern. I guess I lucked out!

  4. Biff says:

    Thanks. I’m off to Target now to take a look at the shirt in blue. I really appreciate your contribution by way of the blog. Keep up the great work , Mr. Swanton !

  5. GTwig says:

    J Press has some popovers on sale for just over $39. Might be a little nicer shirt than Target’s. Those look a little skimpy.

  6. oxford cloth button down says:

    GTwig – Thanks for passing that along. I like those Press popovers. I just wish they had them in a fabric other than oxford cloth.

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