PSA: JPress Shaggy Dogs for $147


Our beloved shaggy friends from J.Press are currently on sale (see here). At $147 this is still in the upper echelon of sweater pricing, but when you consider that full retail is now a staggering $245 the sale price is looks a lot more attractive as this is just south of a $165 Shetland from O’Connell’s. While I don’t find my Shaggy Dog as versatile as my plain Shetland sweaters it is still in a league of its own in when it comes to warmth.
J.Press Shaggy DogIf you do not have a Shaggy Dog let me warn you that they are very very warm. This can be a bad thing. For instance, it is a challenge to wear one in the office without immediately over heating, but this week it was a savior. With a cold spell keeping the temperatures in the single digits my Shaggy Dog helped keep me warm as I trekked from the parking lot to the office which was great. What was even better is that when I lost heat on Friday the Shaggy Dog allowed me to fend off the cold until the furnace was repaired Saturday evening. It is times like this when the Shaggy Dog really shines.

When you head over to J.Press to check out the Shaggies keep in mind that both the J.Press mainline (traditional fit) and J.Press Blue (slim fit) are on sale. Outside of the slim fit difference the Blue line sweaters have raglan sleeves while the Mainline version have set in sleeves. The Blue line sweaters are also lighter and less brushed than the mainline versions which is not necessarily a bad thing. If you have been wanting a Shaggy Dog in your life this may be the time for one to follow you home.

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9 Comments on "PSA: JPress Shaggy Dogs for $147"

  1. rob says:

    Any tips on how they fit – including the Blue version? Thank you

  2. Gamma68 says:

    This is absolutely the best time to pick up a Shaggy Dog! I ordered one and it arrived yesterday–just in time for single-digit temperatures. A size M fits me perfectly (at 5-9, 157 lbs.) and the charcoal color is very versatile. It’s light, yet thick and very warm as you stated in your post. I’m not sure I’ll be able to wear one under a jacket (due to the sweater loft) but that’s fine. In fact, this sweater is so damn nice, I may just purchase another.

  3. Dutch Uncle says:

    I have two sweaters that look exactly like this:
    One of them, I put in the washing machine by mistake,
    the other, my cat found and used it as a scratching surface.

  4. oxford cloth button down says:

    Rob – I found the mainline sweaters to run long. I am traditionally a small, but purchased the XS due to length. It fits, but it is a close fit. The Blue line ones run trimmer. Giving Press a call may be the best bet. Hope this helps!

  5. rob says:

    thank you!

  6. Edward says:

    I have a size M in the so-called heritage fit and find the length too long (I’m 5-10 and 155). I like it nonetheless. Though very bulky, it’s incredibly warm (when out for a walk, I can get by with this sweater alone into the low 40s). It would be great to hear feedback on the so-called blue fit. The Harley Shetlands at Bahle’s are a great option too.

  7. Child Doc says:

    I would underscore Edward’s mention of the Harley Shetland option. This sweater is of a somewhat lighter weight than the Shaggy Dog, and is therefore wearable in some environments (esp. indoors/office) where the heavier option is not always suitable. Also the Harley sweater, as supplied by Bahle’s, is non-brushed for those who do not care for a fuzzy surface texture. The quality is comparable (made in Scotland) and the base price of the Harley sweater is still lower than the J Crew option, even on sale.

  8. Alex Wright says:

    What colour is pictured here? I can’t make my mind up between pine and charcoal…

  9. oxford cloth button down says:

    Alex – The one pictured is blue green. I think that both of the colors that you listed would be good choices.

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