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In this post I hope to help you get that great looking tweed sport coat out of your closet and into your life. Whether it’s sitting there because its a touch too big or because your office is a no-sport coat zone this will help. I previously mentioned wearing Shetland sweaters as outerwear. I do the same with sport coats, and often with the help of a sweater.
Tweed Sport Coat with Shetland SweaterI don’t remember when I acquired it, but I have a great 3/2 sack herringbone tweed sport coat from Brooks Brothers that just sits in my closet. It is the most perfect color of brown and has all of the right details. It is an ideal jacket for me, but…it doesn’t fit. Its just too big That’s not the jackets fault by the way. I got the, “I can make those measurements work” mentality when I pulled the trigger. Hindsight, right!
FullSizeRLast week we had a few days that started between 35-40 degrees. As I was getting dressed on one of these mornings I thought, “What if I try to wear that brown tweed over this Shetland?” I threw it on and even though it did not look perfect I thought it looked good. I also knew that I would only we wearing from my parking lot to the office and back so perfect was not nearly as necessary as something that I would be wearing all day. Good enough would suffice.
IMG_3356At the end of the day (literally) I was happy with my decision. This sport coat will definitely be paired with a Shetland and used as outerwear again. Odds are if you are reading this blog you have taken similar sizing risks with vintage jackets and have one that fits this description just hanging in your closet. This is a good way for them to see the light of day. Also, if your office is not tweed friendly pairing it with a sweater can help it become a piece of outerwear.

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8 Comments on "Tweed Sport Coats as Outerwear"

  1. ChildDoc says:

    Jerrod, great minds must run together! I have adopted a Harris tweed jacket–slightly too broad in the shoulders–for the same purpose, i.e., as a “topcoat.” The color combination, sweater and brown tweed, you have chosen is perfect. May I ask the make of your Shetland in the pairing you’ve shared? As always, I enjoy your blog.

  2. Jon DiBenedetto says:

    I do the same thing. My lifestyle doesn’t have much need for a jacket and tie but I wear sport jackets frequently instead of a jacket in Autumn.

  3. oxford cloth button down says:

    ChildDoc – Thanks for the kind words! I am not going to lie. I was excited about this color combo so I am glad that you like it. The sweater is from Spirit of Shetland which does not produce sweaters anymore, but I the color is Salmon and I believe that they used Jameison yarn which many Shetland makers use.

  4. Alex in California says:

    It really is the most perfect shade of brown. Excellent pairing – the jacket/sweater combo didn’t look bulky on you. Another great blog.

  5. Steve L. says:

    I think I might consider owning a whole closet full of brown sport jackets if I could. It’s such a great color. What really caught my attention here though is the extent to which the quarters open beneath the fastening button. For some reason I didn’t expect to see that on a BB jacket. (And who amongst us has never fudged on the question of size just a little bit in the hope that some item could be made to work!)

  6. Looks great together! And over the sweater the jacket certainly does not scream “Too large.” A terrific look overall. Makes me wish I had kept a brown Harris Tweed that I gave away several years ago because it was too big, and I already had/have too much stuff.

    Best Regards,

    Heinz-Ulrich von B.

  7. Fred Johnson says:

    Looks good on you, shetland +tweed is too bulky for me and my tweeds are sized for shirts only.

  8. Richard says:

    Comfortable, practical, festooned with pockets, and makes you look like you are going somewhere nice later–what’s not to love about casual sport coat wearing. This coat is top notch, too.

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