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Sweater Review

ll bean signature sweater

So, I am  finally getting around to reviewing a new sweater. It has been a time consuming process. I have now ordered two sweaters, returned one and kept one. Actually, I am still thinking about returning the one that I kept  However, this is nothing new to me. I almost never get it right the first time.

Sweater 1

I decided on the LL.Bean Signature sweater that I previewed in my earlier post (and pictured above). It is brushed lambswool and I was interested in the texture (I have never had one). I liked the marl grey color. Plus, I thought it would give me a new brand to try. It was a little bit of splurge for me at $79, but they did offer free shipping.

I received the sweater and I was excited. It was great… just not for me. Great material, great color, but it did not fit. It may have been due to how thick the wool was, but it looked really bulky on me. It was also a little on the long side. I have learned that if the fit is off I need to immediately return it, because I will never wear it.

I wear a small in most brands. I ordered a small. It didn’t fit any tighter than what you would expect a small to fit like. This was my fear in ordering from LL Bean signature. I have too many times found that when a brand targets younger demographics the clothes tend to fit really really tight. I was happily surprised and disappointed at the same time. I now feel like I can safely order from them, but this sweater must go back. It might have worked well as an outdoor sweater, but I was looking for something more work compatible.lla bean signature ssweaterSweater 2

Still dwelling over the loss, I got back on the internet and started hunting for a replacement. I noticed  Brooks Brothers was having a 25% off on all sweaters sale. I did not hesitate. I ordered  the shetland crewneck in clipper (light blue). I debated between the clipper and the cobblestone. I was worried that the cobblestone would have a red/pink tint to it (I am now a little disappointed I didn’t choose it). I went with the clipper. This sweater is regularly $98, but with the sale it was $73. Still expensive for me ($83 shipped), but very close to the previous sweater and I had a void to fill.

Brooks Brothers wool sweater

I am pleased with the quality. I ordered a small and it fits pretty well. The shade of blue is a little light for me, but I wanted to try something a little different. I do like the variation that the mixture of white adds to the sweater (see below).Brooks Brothers sweater

I have now worn the sweater one time. It went fairly well. I was not completely comfortable, but that is almost always true for me when I am wearing a new article of clothing. I have never had a Brooks Brothers shetland wool sweater and I am interested in how it will hold up over time.  I will keep you posted on any new developments.