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Fall is here , the weather is getting colder, and it is time to change out your cotton sweaters for wool. As I was taking stock of my fall/winter sweaters, I could see that a new sweater would be an appreciated addition to my current rotation. This is a smart purchase for me as my sweaters get almost daily wear. They serve as jackets when the weather is mild, keep me warm in the office in the winter, and I have no issues wearing the same sweater multiple days in a week. I have started a search and thought that I would share my list.

What do I look for in a sweater? Well, my criteria is simple, it must be 100% wool and have a crewneck. Color is important as well. Colors such as navy, gray, charcoal, green, brown, and burgundy are classic colors that easily fit into a wardrobe. I am focusing on building a collection of solid colors as they are not as easy to notice when wears are repeated as say a Fair Isle pattern. This rule works for all items, not just sweaters. Here is the list that I have compiled.


1. Brooks Brothers

Shetland Crewneck Sweater – $98.00

Available in two colors Clipper (light blue) and Cobblestone (oatmeal). Both colors are really nice and the sweater has a good look to it.

2. JCrew

Lambswool Sweater Crewneck- $59.50

Available in black, deep navy, heathered coal, heathered flannel, heathered fatigue. I would recommend deep navy, charcoal, or heathered flannel.

Marled Lambswool Sweater – $59.50

Available in two color- marled loden and marled chambray. I like the marled chambray color.

3. JPress

Shaggy Dog- $180

Available in 20 great colors. When I imagine the [perfect sweater this is what I see. The price is the only deterrent.

4. Lands End

Disappointingly they do not have any %100 wool crewneck offerings at this time.

5. LL Bean

Shetland Crewneck- $39.00

Abailable in a variety of colors. There are some bad reviews on the site which is preventing me from ordering, but the price still has me interested.

Lambswool Crewneck- $69.00

Available in a variety of colors. However, I would recommend navy, charcoal, and russet.

6. LL Bean Signature

Brushed Lambswool Crewneck- $79.00

Available in 3 great colors, coal marl, dark umber marl, and navy (looks navy-cobalt). The texture of the sweater looks nice. I have no experience with this brand, but their sweaters have piqued my interest.

7. O’connell’s Clothing

Scottish Shetland Wool Sweater – $145.00

Available in 40 great colors. I would put this sweater in the same category as the JPress Shaggy dog.  When I imagine a great sweater this is what I see in my head. However, it is a little outside of my price range.

Scottish Shetland Wool Sweater Cable Knit- $165.00

Available in 5 colors. Same as the sweater above, but with a cable knit.

Lambswool Crewneck Sweater- $185.00

Available in 5 colors.  I don’t like the way that saddle shoulder looks here, but it may just be the picture.


I know that this is not a comprehensive list, but it gives you a good place to start if you are in the market for a new sweater. All of the sweaters that I have included are %100 wool. I know that many of these companies offered a wool blend in a crewneck that I chose not to feature. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to offer a  review for one of these sweaters. Any questions or comments are welcomed and appreciated.


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