Chesapeake LightHouse Motif Belt

The Chesapeake lighthouse motif tab and buckle belt that I ordered for my gift exchange just arrived and not a moment too soon. I had actually given up on getting it on time. However, as I was leaving my house on Saturday, there it was in my mailbox (one of the few perks of USPS delivery). I actually traded someone names just so that I could purchase this gift for the exchange. The person who is receiving it loves sailboats, sailing, lighthouses and visits the Chesapeake yearly. He also wears a very similar belt on the weekend, but with nautical flags. Needless to say, I think that he will enjoy this belt.

light house belt

Here are some detailed pics of the lighthouses

light house

The real lighthouse

Chesapeake lighthouse

chesapeake light house

The real lighthouse (this one might be wrong)

Lighthouse 2

chesapeake light house 3

The real lighthouse

Chesapeake lighthouse

chesapeake light house 4

The real lighthouse

Chesapeake lighthouse

chesapeake light house 5

The real lighthouse

Lighthouse 4

I ordered the belt from Eliza B. If you have never checked out their stuff before you definitely should. They offer a range of accessories for both men and women. They also have a huge selection of colors, patterns, and motifs for many of their products including belts, key fobs, and headbands. There items are made to order and can be made in almost any size. I am now pretty excited to go to my gift exchange. I hope that every one has a happy holiday!

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  1. Wheb says:

    Lovely. So when are you hiodlng the travel photography clinic? I want to be first to sign up so I might be able to capture shots like these!

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