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I have been so satisfied with my Brooks Brothers Shetland sweater that I decided to head down to their outlet store to try to score another. Actually, I was dreaming that I would find the cobblestone colored Shetland that I did not order and that has since sold out on the online store. My high-hopes were quickly dashed, but, I did find a “346” sweater that I liked. 346, is branded as a younger sportier Brooks Brothers line that is sold exclusively at Brooks Brothers outlet stores, but it is probably better known for being of lesser quality than the retail store line along with the other  Brooks Brothers “made for outlet’ clothes . I haven’t had any experience with the 346 or the Brooks Brothers outlet line. I did however, really like the color and pattern of the sweater. Plus, I need something to write about, right (ha-ha)?Brooks-Brothers-346-Sweater



Before I get to the sweater I want to touch on “made for outlet” clothes. I mention that Brooks Brothers manufactures clothing for their outlet stores, but I am not singling them out, it is a common industry practice. Among the stores I frequent Polo Ralph Lauren and J. CREW both produce clothing specifically for their outlet stores. J. Crew has taken this concept even further by opening up an online “outlet store” on the J.CREW website (very interesting move, btw).  I only took time out to mention “made for the outlet’ clothes because I think it is important to understand what you are purchasing, not because I have an issue with it.


Back to the sweater, I really like it. It turns out that others do, too. I have received several compliments while wearing it. It is sized well and has a nice shape. I am a true small and the sweater is a small.  I generally prefer saddle shoulders as they look less bulky, but these shoulders do not look bulky at all. Other highlights are that the collar is not slouchy and the waistband has a nice amount of elasticity to it. The best part of this sweater is the color and the weave. The burgundy (Eggplant?) and blue Birdseye (Norwegian?) weave looks great with my khaki chinos and maybe even better with brown corduroys. If I had to offer one criticism, it would be that the texture is coarse for lambswool. Overall, it seems to be another great addition to my ever growing sweater collection, but these are still honeymoon wears. I will keep you posted on how it holds up over time.

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2 Comments on "Brooks Brothers: 346 Sweater Review"

  1. max says:

    an excellent sweater -certainly no stigma to” made for outlet” line here.
    I remember when B2 sold “seconds’ or leftovers from a previous season at their outlets.– i like the urban scene in picture. and wonder if bldg was once hotel.

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      Thanks Max. That building most certainly was a hotel. It is now apartments for seniors. I wish they were just apartments, because that commute would be sweet!

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