Accessories Part 2: Watchbands

In part 1 of my accessories series I discussed how socks can be used to add color to your outfit. In this post, I will be moving up from the ankle and focusing on the wrist, to be more precise I will be discussing watchbands. The type of watchbands that I prefer to wear are the canvas or grosgrain ribbon variety. These bands like many other traditional clothing items got their start in the military (at least the khaki/olive). I even wear mine on a faux-military styled Timex that was made for Target ($40) a few years back. What I like most about this type of watchband is that they are easy to find and come in a variety of colors.

You don’t need to travel to far to find a cool watchband. If you are looking to purchase one similar to those featured here a few good places to find them are Eliza B, O’Connells Clothing, Central Watch, JPress, Smart Turnout, or even Target and J.CREW. Watchbands like these cost anywhere between $12-30. They are an easy and fun way to spice-up an outfit. Like any other clothing item, giving consideration to texture, pattern, and color will maximize their effect. Have fun!

WatchbandsMy Small Collection

Everyday-WatchbandMy every day watchband

Navy and White watchbandNavy and White

Navy and RedNavy and Red Double Stripe

MulitstripebandMulti Stripe and my favorite band

Red stripe on NavyRed stripe on navy

GreenRedTanTan, red and green

SummerbandSummer Band

I have included a few examples of how you can combine color, pattern and texture.

Shetland Sweater and WatchbandClipper blue shetland, ocbd and multi-stripe

Burgundy sweater and univ stripeBurgundy sweater, univ stripe ocbd and red-navy double stripe

GinghamGingham and summer band

Gingham-RedStripeAnother summer time combo

oxford cloth button down
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  1. max says:

    well played –

  2. jamityclane says:

    I like the navy and white band the best.

    • oxford cloth button down says:

      Hey Jen, thanks so much for the comment! I am glad that you liked it. I will wear it more often.

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