A Few Outfits: Preppy, Ivy, Trad, or Americana?

Irish Fisherman Sweater

Since my last post did not touch on clothing or style, I thought that I would include a few images of what I have wore in the not so distant past. Some of these looks fall into one or more of the genres that are often referred to as Preppy, Ivy, Trad and Americana. If you follow any of the other style blogs or forums out there I am sure that have heard these terms before and the heated arguments that they inspire. I personally do not take them that seriously, but I do look forward to discussing them in future posts. If I were to describe my personal style, I would define it as being  traditionally American with a strong focus on the simple, classic, and boring.

Irish Fisherman SweaterHandmade Fisherman’s Sweater | Lands’ End blue ocbd| J.Crew  Essential chinos in classic fit

J. Crew Shawl Collar SweaterJ.CREW Lambwool Shawl Collar | Lands’ End Blue ocbd | Same Chinos as above

J. Crew Shawl Collar Close-upI Like the way the shawl collar it displays the my oxford.

bbcableBrooks Brothers Saxxon Merino Wool Cable Sweater | J.Press Hairline button-down | Same Chinos

BB cable Close-upMy favorite merino sweater.

Leather Man BeltLavender & olive. A variation of the preppy standard, pink & green.

dress gordonRelaxing in a J.Crew brushed cotton button-down in Dress Gordon.

Sweater Tartan WatchSleeve shot

oxford cloth button down
Jerrod Swanton is a simple man interested in simple, classic, and traditional style.

3 Comments on "A Few Outfits: Preppy, Ivy, Trad, or Americana?"

  1. Jen says:

    Lavender and Olive > Pink and Green

    • Yogie says:

      Quite a few years ago I was on a “3 on 1 off” project. What does that mean? Three weeks in Pleasanton, CA and one week in Hampton, VA. We did this for about a year and a half. We were in the mlidde of finishing up a “special project”’ for one of the commercial NASA types. I was lucky enough to have a high school buddy that had moved out to Marin County right after college. I spent weekends with him sailing in the bay, hanging out in the city or going to one of the National Parks. I loved it. His girlfriend, now wife was second generation Chinese and her family had four restaurants in China Town. I don’t think I have eaten like that since then. I remember we went to an Italian restaurant one night called Mama La Rosa’s. Good food and great wine.As for hotels, well let’s just say that your tax dollars would only put me up in the Residents Inn at Livermore. And no, I did not have a nice chandelier.TWJ

  2. Debra Carrington says:

    I just stumbled across your blog and spent the most enjoyable hour perusing your various outfits.
    They are sheer perfection! Love them!

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