Shetland Season Returns via Brooks Brothers

It wasn’t very long ago that I was dreaming about wearing madras and boat shoes, but the slow summer days have been flying by and fall is fast approaching. Soon it will be cool enough to pull a Shetland over my OCBD and head out into the crisp autumn air. Brooks Brothers is to blame for my premature thoughts of cool weather as they introduced their fall line this week which included plenty of Shetland sweaters.

I got my first sneak peek of this fall’s sweaters over at Ivy Style last February and have been anxious ever since. Brooks Brothers delivered as promised with their fall line which includes Saddle Shouldered Shetlands ($128) in Gold, Grey, Navy, Oatmeal (this one is calling my name), Olive, Orange, and a Purple-Burgundy all in a heathered hue. Other notable sweaters include a Shetland Yoke Crewneck Sweater ($148), Shetland Tonal Fair Isle Crewneck Sweater ($128), and an interesting Lambswool Multistripe Crewneck Sweater which is very colorful. There are a few other Cardigans and a Fair Isle Sweater Vest that I found appealing as well. Head over to Brooks Brothers and take a look for yourself while fall is still a romantic idea as it will turn to cold winter truth before long.

Shetland Saddle Shoulder Crewneck SweaterSaddle Shouldered Shetland ($128) – Oatmeal

Shetland Yoke Crewneck Sweater

Shetland Yoke Crewneck Sweater ($148)Shetland Tonal Fair Isle Crewneck Sweater

Shetland Tonal Fair Isle Crewneck Sweater ($128)Lambswool Multistripe Crewneck Sweater

Lambswool Multistripe Crewneck Sweater ($98)

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5 Comments on "Shetland Season Returns via Brooks Brothers"

  1. Carl Anderson ( The Limey ) says:

    Fab Sweaters

    Good Old Brooks, glad to have them here across the pond these days, but I thought I would alert your readers to the most fabulous Shetland Sweaters in the World.
    My Namesakes and fellow Clan members Andersons Knitwear of Shetland and their Tip Top ” Everest Sweaters” so named as they are modelled on those worn by Sir Edmund Hilary on his famous 1st ascent of Mount Everest. Quality Unsurpassed!
    Keep up the good work.

    The Limey

  2. oxford cloth button down says:

    @Limey – Thanks for the tip. I will most certainly look them up.

  3. Michael says:

    Have you considered the J Press Shaggy Dog.?t will be more expensive but they are made in Shetland Islands (like Anderson), so they will be coming out of long manufacturing tradition and will look better, for longer. The Brooks Brothers will probably be made in the far east.

    BTW, it is no easier to find a new Shetland Sweater here in Scotland than in the US.. Most of mine have been second hand. In fact, outside of specialist “trad” stores, it is impossible to get a Scottish made sweater, even though there is still a sizeable knitwear industry. Johnstons of Elgin are an excellent name to look for, their lambswool could easily be mistaken for Cashmere. Well worth shipping to the US. Check them out at

  4. Conor says:

    That multi-stripe crewneck is out of control. I would love to wear that. It would be super versatile, it seems.

  5. Carl Anderson ( The Limey ) says:

    Hi Michael

    Yes unbelievably your right! My Old home town of Dumfries used to have two knitwear factories with a reliable factory outlet for Shetlands, sadly no more . A trip along the borders to Hawick and the various factory shops normally yields fruit and I’m currently enjoying a Denim Blue and a Cranberry model with ” Saddle Shoulders” both picked up for £20 each!!

    Amazingly the legendary J Press Shaggy Dogs are currently available at Urban Outfitters but I have yet to see if these are the real deal, Ivy League staple or some watered down hipster junk.

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