Collegiate Cut Chinos Part 3: The Vintage Route

I haven’t given up on finding the perfect pair of collegiate cut chinos. I just haven’t had much to post since the Jack Donnelly khakis. However, I am now closer than ever to obtaining what is turning out to be an elusive chino. As a matter of fact, I have in my possession a pair of chinos with the perfect collegiate cut. In order to get them I had to go straight to the source: the 1960s.
Vintage Collegiate Cut TrousersNo, I did not travel back in time to the ’60s, but rather I accessed them through the source for vintage mid-century clothing, Newton Street Vintage. Billax gave me a heads up that he had spotted a pair of collegiate cut chinos on Zach’s site that were not only my size, but were also new with tags. The rest is history.
Aqueduct Vintage Collegiate Cut ChinosThis is where it gets tricky. I have one pair of these chinos. I need to have many. I am hoping that my tailor can easily replicate the taper of the vintage chinos, but after my first attempt at tapering I think it may take a few tries to get it just right. Ultimately, I think that these pants will provide me with the ability to replicate the collegiate cut chino which is priceless and is also why I was able to look past the permanent press finish so easily! To Be Continued…


Bonus pic

Yellow tie with university striped shirtExcuse the lax knot, but I really liked this tie/shirt combination and wanted to share it.

oxford cloth button down
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10 Comments on "Collegiate Cut Chinos Part 3: The Vintage Route"

  1. That is a beautiful tie! And I’m very interested to see more replicas of the collegiate cut chinos. I’ve come to the conclusion that the pants are the hardest part to get right about the ‘trad’ or ‘ivy’ look.

  2. Craig says:

    I like them. Look good. Like the collar roll also what shirt are you wearing?

  3. oxford cloth button down says:

    C.H. Winfrey – Thanks. I think that you are correct in your conclusion.

    CS – Thanks. The shirt is a Lands End Original Oxford that is a few years old. I wish that Lands’ End would sort out their collar length issues. They were such a great resource for a nice and affordable OCBD.

  4. Fading Fast says:

    Great find and they look great. Taking nothing away from your current tailor, but if he can’t copy them, then another tailor should be able to. Now that you have the right pair, making copies shouldn’t be a big challenge. I’m just impressed and amazed that you found a dead stock pair of just what you wanted – kudos, your diligence paid off.

  5. Perfect Jerred, perfect.

  6. Erik says:

    Those look nice! Glad you found a reasonably priced pair you like and that the perm press isn’t a problem. That’s why I enjoy the Double L’s so much. The perm press is ok, but the fit is perfect, especially for the price. There’s always some compromise we have to make.

    Also, that tie is awesome. Talbott?

  7. hardline_42 says:

    Glad to see you’re making progress on your khaki quest. Those look good, though I would’ve liked to see a shot without the blazer to see the rise and cut at the hips. Also, sweet tie and thanks for the heads up on that Etsy store!

  8. Eddy Clarkson says:

    Pants look good-breaks about right too. All you need now is a good 60’s Gant ocbd and a navy London Fog and your time journey will be complete!

  9. Halby says:

    Nice! You got measurements on those or will that be in the next post? Just as a follow up, Old Navy’s ‘slim fit’ chinos (that sit at the waist) have a pretty good rise on them comparable to the current Levis 501 rise.

  10. Aleck Grishkevich says:

    Attempting to replicate (utilizing the measurements/proportions thoughtfully suggested in a subsequent posting) as authentic pair as possible and starting “from the bottom up” as it were: With what material/fabric (Sourced from what weaver/cloth merchant/fabric store, for instance? I’m presuming cotton drill. Of what weight, color, etc.?) is it suggested they be fashioned/constructed, please? Thanks.

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