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I have mentioned that I enjoy sports here and there on the blog before, but I don’t think that I have been clear about just how important athletics are in my life. I almost always do something physical every single day (It is such a great stress reliever and makes for a happier healthier me.) whether that is running, cycling, free weights, racquetball, golf, tennis, etc., but a lot of the time it is simply a trip to the gym. I don’t think much about what I wear to the gym (I have a gym uniform just like I have a work uniform), but when my go to sweatshirt fell apart I decided that it was time to upgrade my gym gear.
Barbarian RugbyThe death of my hooded sweatshirt presented the perfect opportunity to get the Barbarian hooded rugby (Barbarian) that I had been eyeing ever since Muffy Aldrich brought the brand to my attention. I was drawn to the Barbarian hoodie, because of its heavy weight cotton, sturdy construction, and simple style. I debated on purchasing a traditional rugby instead of the hooded version, but I really do like having the hood available when working out. It makes a drizzle endurable, helps to keep you warm in-between activity, and there is something about donning a hood that makes an early morning trek to the gym tolerable.
Rugb y JerseysI planned on wearing my new rugby strictly for athletic pursuits, but that is not how it turned out. I was about to leave the house a few Saturdays ago to run errands when it decided to start sprinkling. Not only did it rain, but the rain really cooled down the temperature. I threw on my Barbarian hoodie and headed out. It ended up being the perfect layer and it added a nice causal element to my rig which kept the guy at the coffee shop from asking me if I had to work like he does when I wear a Shetland on Saturday mornings.
Green & Blue Striped RugbyI liked the look of my hooded rugby so much that I have worn it outside of the gym a few more times since that first rainy morning. I also like the feel and fit of the rugby so much that I am considering buying another. I got a small the first time which fits like a large small or a small medium. This was perfect as I wanted to be able to wear layers underneath it (they also offer XS). I see myself purchasing a traditional rugby in green/blue stripes in the near future similar to the one pictured above which influenced my interest in the color. This time I know full well that my rugby will function as more than just gym gear.

Bonus pic of the cutest rugby sporting dog that I have ever seen:

Dog in a Rugby

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Jerrod Swanton is a simple man interested in simple, classic, and traditional style.

5 Comments on "The Casual Hoodie from Barbarian"

  1. hardline_42 says:

    Nice post. I’m a fan of the vintage Columbiaknit Rugby shirts made for Lands’ End and LL Bean but I’ve been meaning to try one from Barbarian (also due to Muffy’s post). Where are they made? For some reason, I’m thinking Canada.

    Also, if you’re interested in heavyweight cotton athletic wear, I can recommend Kellsport gear. It’s all classic, heavyweight cotton in traditional styles like crewnecks, “Louie” collars, and hoodies (zipped and pullover) along with equally heavy bottoms. All made in the USA.

  2. Hi Jerrod,

    You know I am a big fan but not sure about this one. It reminds me of when mothers used to dress their boys up as sailors. Might be a bit before your time…

  3. oxford cloth button down says:

    Hardline – Thanks, and thanks for the recommendation as well. The Barbarian’s are made in Canada so you can count on that nice slow delivery time.

    I checked out the Kellsport site. They have some nice looking items. I might end up pulling the trigger on something.

    Andy – That sound like a terrifying thing for mothers to do and oh how I hope that I don’t really look like that! However, I am not too worried about it, because I got great feedback when I wore it and none of them were mothers so I think that I am safe 🙂

  4. Hollywood Argyle says:

    This is one hoodie unlikely to be worn by “gangstas,” so people are unlikely to take you for a criminal when you wear it. That is a huge plus.

    My father thinks that what my little boy wears to church makes him look like an old man, but he’s just emulating me (more or less). And no, I don’t dress him in sailor outfits (bow tie, blazer, OCBD, chinos, penny loafers).

  5. Gary says:

    A preppy hoody. I think it’s great. An option I wasn’t aware (as a decidedliy non-hoody wearer), but I’d wear this. Looks good.

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